Poor Service for firearms and related items

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by archer, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Sportsman Gun centre. :roll:
  2. They used to be good for rifles, there was a bloke called Brian there, but the gobby midget who owns the place drove him to quit by being an utter throbber. They sold my missus an 'Army and Navy' shotgun that literally fell to bits in her hands, and turned out not to be Army and Navy anyway. They put it back on sale as an Army and Navy.

    The worst one in the whole South West is in Exeter, the Gun and Sport Shop in Heavitree. Most of their business is in selling nasty-looking knives made from poor steel, for the local charvae to stab each other with. Their prices are eye-watering: £13 for a Fenn no. 4 (Chinese copy with duff spring).
  3. Cheshire Gun Room.
  4. Sportsman's Gun Centre - didn't respond to email enquiries, substituted 'equivalent' items in order without checking. Grrr!

    Henry Kranks - ignored for a long time in shop. Nothing in stock!

    To be fair, perhaps I caught them both on a bad day. What are other people's experiences?
  5. SGC tried that on with me, my partner at the time ordered a ckd shooting mat and and they sent a very inferior item and charged the same price......
  6. I used to find Litt's sort of impressive, in the way they made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to conceal their utter contempt for you if you weren't going in to buy a pair of Hollands or some similarly horror-priced item. I once popped in for 200 .22 hollowpoints and they treated me like something stuck to the shoe of a child-abuser.
  7. Litts is now Sportsman's Gun Centre Newport. Sounds like a good fit!
  8. Sportsmans Gun Centre ripped me off, no recourse, just total twats.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    The place that Customer Service forgot...
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Nothing to do with the original proposer having worked there? And wtf was with the kilts?
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I will be odd as per usual, I'm nominating FA Andersons of East Grinstead as they have lost ammo already paid for but still actually will get voted for on the other side of the coin.
    I personally would like to Nominate Edgar Brothers for doing as much as possible to kill the UK gun trade!
  12. Sportsman Gun Centre also; poor service, crap response to queries about completing an order, although they were quick enough to take the money.

    Lots of big shiny ads in the magazines, so writing in about them doesn't seem to get any response either.

    SGC only got it right after being threatened with Trading Standards.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its forum threads like this which get picked up via google and help form opinions. Customer service is the most important thing in business in my opinion. Without a satisfied and loyal customer base you are pishing in the wind. Mail order is a prime example.
    The order comes in before noon so must be picked, packed and shipped that afternoon. If its not in stock take it down off the website until it is. Simple really. I pay my money I want my goods. 28 days should be dead and buried. In fact the only reason I charge P&P is because I ship same day if in before noon or next day if in after 12.
    I know some business, that dont charge for P&P, its a basic price mark up. What they do is charge for same day service/next day delivery. They seem to attract a faithful customer base who know what they are getting up front!
    Keep the moaning but doint forget to keep praising where it's due. A liitle cynicism such as advertising revenue receipts being more important than readers views is often true and always helpful.
    I like thee bit where ST had readers writing in about prompt licensing from local plod. I thought cheek of it, it should always be prompt. If they were a business most would be out of business by now!
  14. Greenfields of Canterbury

    2 occasions recently

    1. If a man stands infront of both sales assistants he expects them to close the lap top, stf up about their favourite F1 drivers and enquire as to his shopping list and how they can relieve him of his readies.

    2. If you aint got an item then suggest alternatives- it's called selling.
    Grunting "No" and turning away gets you an entry on this thread