Poor Queen

And all the time HM pleading with her maker, "Just take me away....PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!"

She's probably passed a note to Charles
"One day all this will be yours"


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I am sure Her Majesty has Shaggy all over her iPod shuffle.

What a turgid pile of cak. But every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks to Zoe Ball I now know Anne-Marie is not singing "Chow on the horse, I'm done". That will no longer give me unhealthy images as I hoof down the motorway.
Singing tonight with Shaggy his new buddy.
They have done an album together from what I heard seems to be Sting singing his own songs while Shaggy shouts "One Time" and some rapping in the back ground
Say what you like about Shaggy; I've always been impressed by his ability to find a refrigerator full of sandwich materials and condiments in an abandoned mine/lighthouse/funfare.


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A little over £300 million per year on £12 billion of assets. Your Majesty, if you're reading this and you're tiring of the job, PM me.
Still not enough for last night's "efforts"!
Damn, I missed it. Watching BBC News this morning, it seems Ed Balls, Harry Hill and Frank Skinner playing ‘When I’m cleaning Windows’ with something called The Eukelalie Orchestra was a highlight. :roll:
I won’t be rushing to I-player. The Duke of Edinburgh had the best gig, recovering at home from his hip operation.
God bless you Ma’am, having to put up with this luvvie shit.

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