Poor Pvt Manning and His "Abusive" Treatmet by the US Marines

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Since this article:The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention - WikiLeaks - Salon.com is making the rounds on behalf of the stalwart Pvt. Manning, I wanted to at least add what I think is a fair observation to balance the usual "slant" of Salon and in particular that of this article.

    I have much personal experience with the USMC brig at our base at Quantico, Virginia (not as a resident I might add) and assuming that the staff there are as professional as I found them to be in the past, I can say with little equivocation that, notwithstanding the "rigor" of the facility, the stalwart Pvt. Manning is safer and better cared for there than he would be in any other federal facility.

    Given the nature of the charges and their notoriety (in US prisons at least, it is well documented that the regular inmate populations take great glee in bringing "famous" inmates down from their pedestals in various sordid and violent ways), his proudly displayed "proclivities" and his "boyishly innocent" appearance, I feel even more confident in my assumption.

    IMO, he should hope that the Salon article does not result in his being transferred from the safety and tender care of his present accommodations.
  2. "boyishly innocent appearance"?? all i see is an odious treacherous little prick with a face ud never tire of punching
  3. Are you a "resident" of one of our prisons perchance? ;-)
  4. im too pretty to be incarcerated in a US prison. my arrse wouldn't stay virginal long!
  5. The writer of that article seems to have the same misconception about prisons or brigs as quite a lot of our media/politicians and public have, namely that they now believe that incarceration in itself is a fitting punishment to nearly every crime.

    The fact of the matter is, that prisons were originally places where people were sent to be punished, not as a punishment in themselves!

    I for one think that the Marine Corps still has the right idea, even if he is only being punished to stop him from being brought down a peg by less salubrious souls in a supermax pen.
  6. What? You have an arrse like an early spinet with the strings parallel to the keyboard, popular in 16th- and 17th-century houses. What would happen to it? Streched into a curch organ.
  7. What you said with but a few minor edits. ;-)
  8. I'll accept your edits as they are more amusing than my original sentiments! :-D

    And obviously more in tune with the USMC / Americana way if doing things!

  9. USMC??? At least not for now but it does look like this "enlightened" aspect of "Americana" will be forced on the USMC along with our apparently more compliant sister services by our current Masters.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps the USMC should allow him some access to newspapers
    They could pop lots of press stories about how a load of no mark "celebs" helped his mate Julian get bail and how he's now residing in a large country manor
    That should cheer him up for Christmas
  11. I am sure that given the higher principles (that we are told by Messrs. Manning and Assange et al. are the only reasons they have done what they have done) involved in all this that Pvt. Manning will be comforted in the sure knowledge that he is yet another poor martyr in the "cause."
  12. So he's jailed in shite conditions - Diddums! Sell your country out and receive a shitty life, unfuckinlucky! Good deterrent me thinks.
  13. My fault, I didn't mean that the USMC would introduce Manning to a "peg" given the chance, just that you as an American and a Marine would have a better idea of the MC and America wider ways of doing things. Decidedly different, as I am sure they are.

    All we get in blighty are shows like "America's most notorious prisons" and "Prison Break" to base our knowledge on...

    T_B_S - I like your idea it has a certain festive class to it.
  14. Life is just one big "boo hoo" for Bradley Manning and Glenn Grenwald, eh?
  15. ;-)..........