Poor Promotion.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Nov 12, 2003.

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  1. Many here are openly quoting about how much the army now acknowledges the very slow (if at all) promotion process. Just before I left It was widely known about slow promotion (12-14 years to make Cpl in tank transporting). The army website actually recommends that soldiers now re-trade regularly to chase available promotion. Is there anywhere where articles published in the media, preferably online, have highlighted this lack of career now predominated in the army? As I find it an interesting bind the MOD now finds itself in regarding retention.
  2. Okay, not everyone is happy with the speed they get promoted, but most of the time you're still better off than a lot of the working class jobs on civvy street. You get a change of job every couple of years and the chance is you'll be promoted as well, although not always as you have to haveroom before you can move up.

    Not unusual for someone to have worked for a firm in civvy street for 15-20 years and finally get made the foreman or put in the office..... now that IS slow promotion!

    You just have to put it in perspective and consider that at least the army clears it's decks after 22 years and not 50 to give everyone a chance.
  3. Ah! But out here you have all the time in the world. The army is like Logans Run. Reach a certain age or time served point and your're history.
  4. Some trades are just notoriously slow others have a high turnover rate. T he worst I know is REME electrician,so few of them they wait for promotion in dead mans shoes. Tank transporter is also a relatively small trade group. (which makes civis happy) :D
  5. The other problem with small trades is that once you're in you cannot get out (as I found out), ever. The army use the excuse that 'You cannot be spared' etc.
    You don't get posted to these trades, you get sentenced.
  6. That was then! All they have to do now is threaten to sign off then they offer them any transfer or better posting they want. I see the problem as they've invested time and money getting someone trained only for them to decide that it might be more fun over there (yes I know that its trivialising some peoples problems but we are good at stereotyping).
  7. You want to be a little careful with that sort of attitude Snake, I've seen more than a couple of people try it hoping for that transfer/course/promotion and get met with shrugging shoulders and a curt "Okay, bye then".

    You either mean it and end your career before your planned date, or you eat some humble pie and lose a bit of credability.
  8. bit of a toughie , guess you will have to use a bit more brainwork on this one by being discreet and circumspect by making contacts and politics
  9. Yes that was true with us aswell but now we have a Regimental Career Management Officer (RCMO) whose job it seems is to keep them in whatever it takes. Also if you checkout the Army website you will see a whole section dedicated to transfers :!:
  10. I had seen that. I wonder if the brainiac officers who thought 'that' one up had considered that by the time anyone transfers, retrains, and has spent enough time in role to be eligable for promotion that they would be out of the promtion bracket and facing a brown envalope because they are a class 3 L\Cpl at their 9 year point with no prospects?