Poor, poor Romanian navy

Look what we foisted on the Romanians as "strings attached"when we sold them a couple of old frigates:

Does this little number make up for it though? And if she came with the frigates can we have her back?

And is this thread actually better in the NAAFI? :twisted:
Cutaway said:
PaddyRAC said:
Wheres their foresights?
They lacked the foresight to order them ?

Sorry, I'll get me coat...
Stuff the foresights, where's the modifications?

(Have the Romanian Defence Department's procurement team recently had a few nights on the pisss courtesy of the MOD:

'No Mr Romanian Defence Minister, there's nothing to worry about, you're just signing to say you won't be offended if you let us pick up the bar tab - You can trust me - I work for Mr Blair!' :lol: )
Know the answer to this one. When they took over the ships someone thought they should appear with weapons. BAe who were facilitating the deal quicly borrowed a set of weapons just so's the photo could be taken. They were handed back to their rightful owners after the piccy was taken.
My brother-in-law elect (Cdr RN) is something to do with this sales project. Maybe he can get the Romanian sub-lieutenant's phone number for us? After all, if my sister were to unfortunately or accidentally be sent copies of these photos then it may be curtains for him - so no point in keeping the good news to himself?

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