Poor old Winston . . . .

must be doing mega RPM about now. There are many people alive today who still remember the situation in the mid to late 1930s with Hitler on the rampage and Britain had a shortage of everything. And for those who do not, there are history books.

Mac on... Defence cuts | Mail Online
the comments are always the best part of these things;

Defence cuts? Jack Straw once said in a debate on immigration 'the English are a race not worth preserving', or words to that effect. That's been the prevailing veiw of every govt. since Thatcher stepped down. Their entire policy direction is evidence of this - backing EU diktats, mass immigration, human rights, equality legislation, dumbed down education, economic and fiscal irresponsibility, escalating foreign aid etc.,etc., etc. Our fate is now sealed.
- Cynic, Dyed in the wool, 04/8/2011 10:45
if churchill is rolling in his grave, the millions that gave their lives, are rolling in their graves, thats why we keep getting earthquakes and tsunamies
- jb, costa del sol, 04/8/2011 10:31
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