Poor old Wales!

Readers, put aside all prejudices and consider:

The Welsh rugby boss has chosen Colin Charvis ahead of Alix Popham because:

'(Charvis) ..... is considered the more robust man.....'.

(BBC News).

How can anyone choose between two of the roughest, most violent (legally so), physically abrasive and aggressive, 'legalized rough-houses' in GB?

I'm not discussing skills (I wish could play a hundredth as well as either) simply considering the thought of either eighteen and a half stone, six foot three inch plus, super hyper fit behemoths bearing down on ......... .

Forget national results, these two frighten me even thinking about them!!

Yep, me a 100 per cent, 24 carat coward!
The title of this thread should be changed!

Out of all the home nations, the only team with spirit, determination and some bloody hard work is Wales! it's a pity that it is all only coming in the second half but at least it is there!

This is the biggest competition around (funny enough, that's why it is called the 'World Cup'!) and teams should be at their peak with the best selected players on the pitch, they should be playing opportunist rugby....it's not a dirty word! why isn't this happening?

For the 'Rest of the World' this must be the year of the underdog, Georgia proved that last night! maybe not against the top three be it will put the willies up any of the others!

For the Welsh, the Dream is still there.....however faint!

Second place in the Group.......Play South Africa in Quarters!

Pull off an amazing win (which could be possible)

France or Scotland in the Semis (neither team have proved much!)

All Blacks in the Final........... That's where I will keep quiet!
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