Poor MAP Test score

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bambi984, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi there im new on here so be gentle!! I did my briefing recently but performed poorly at the MAP test. The rest of my report was very good, however i was awarded a cat 3 because of the MAP score. Is there any point going to main board with a cat 3 or will they because of the MAP score just fail me no matter how well i perform or prepare?
  2. You should attend AOSB main board. There are two reasons. 1. You will always think what if! So you should at least give it an attempt. 2. While on the AOSB main board there are three separate tests that you do that you could prove to them your worth. They are on military knowledge, current affairs and general knowledge.
    What have you got to lose?
  3. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    OOH Bambi Change your log in or you will get raped!!!! mmmm Officers and maps a dangerous combination. Get a map 150.000 get on the hills and practice. You cant fight a battle if you cant find it, and worse if your late getting there because you were geographically challenged.
  4. Dont listen to this numb nuts bambi! you can have whatever name you want! he clearly don't know what he's talking about if he's telling ya to get on a hill with a map! haha!!!

    Definately go to main board but you have to shine! If you really want this career/lifestyle you have to do really well on all the other aspects.

    I done briefing and i got main board in june. my fitness was awful so i got a cat 2:3 but my map scores were low too and they said to me Id have to do well on everything else to make up for it!

    Also i agree with the other guy, you will always think what if!

    P.s The army is about determination and if you go back shining it will show them you are determined! whatever you do dont go back thinking you will fail cos you will! POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!!!!! good luck x
  5. Hahaha! I just realised! you're a para......have a guess what D F P stands for!
  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    mmmmm Direct firing platform , or dress for pleasure
  7. Im going to speak to my Careers officer in the morning, he said the remainder of my report was very good just that i would have to perform very well on planning ex and essay. Im going to go for it, would i be the sort of person for the army if i gave up now??? Doubtful!! Has any one passed main board with a cat 3?
  8. Try not to get lost on the way, maybe they could meet you somewhere :)
  9. I heard some guy called Mike Jackson got a cat 3 years ago, don't think he ever amounted to much tho.
  10. Was this before or after he changed his skin colour and started molesting children?
  11. No good with a map? That is a qualification not a hinderance.
  12. Always thought the skill of being crap with a map brought the Platoon dynamics into focus, Pl Sgt carry on, and Cpl you can take point. A couple of spectacular Border incursions and being known as the Lost Platoon engendered a real esprit de corps.
  13. For those who are into maps and map reading thats great. However this MAP that he is asking about is the Mental Aptitude Profile. This happens at officer selection. Can people be helpful as opposed to telling him to run around on hills, or for the pl sgt to carry on!

    "Doubtful!! Has any one passed main board with a cat 3?"

    I know of someone who passed main board with a cat 3 at briefing and is now a Lt.
  14. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    oops, what do I know i,m an old git
  15. Was that irony or humour that you had the bypass for?