Poor Inmates in Nasty Prisons!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Horridlittleman, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Prioners are being moved to a prison wing previously condemned as unfit for use!

    BBC Link

    I'm sorry but "Tom" complains that he's going to take 2 days to clean the toothpaste off the walls, well if the previous occupant hadn't behaved like an animal he wouldn't have to do it. If he hadn't committed a crime he wouldn't have to do it! Its not like he's got anything else to do - apart from make a legal case against the law-abiding tax payers who support his worthless life!

    I don't give a damn how bad conditions are in jail. But it's nice to see that the human rights brigade are instantly on the case - shame they didn't bother their stinking corrupt left wing liberal arrses during the short lived furore about forces accommodation.

    Angry - don't get me started!!!!!! :pissedoff:
  2. These aren't being used for convicted felons you notice. Only for those on remand, some of which will not be convicted of anything.

    The real prisoners, those who deserve to live in somewhere like this have been left in their 3star accomodation.

    Plus of course the latest "Stop sending so many people to jail" directive from the government to judges.

    The more I read the more I am convinced that the UK is in shite state and it is only getting worse.
  3. Fully agree apart from the sewerage issue.
    Unpleasant is fine, leaking sewerage pipes are not, it is the 21st century after all.
  4. I have no sympathy for them what so ever. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  5. be nice if the people who inspected and condemed the prisions, could also be tasked to have a look at some of the mod accomodation.

    if they inspect them to the same standards as the prisions how many barracks would be condemed as unfit for habitation?
  6. And they wonder why the BNP is gaining support...

    Well done, Blair. Look on your Legacy: the decent, hard-working majority of this once great country now know that the police cannot protect them and the legal system cannot give them justice.

    Our taxes are used to keep worthless scum in luxury. And to compensate them when they are denied drugs, porn or the right to vote. Meanwhile their victims are lucky if they get a cup of tea from a sympathetic copper. :pissedoff:
  7. I have long thought that prison should, of necessity, be uncomfortable. As well as punishing offenders, part of their rehabilitation should be to understand that the only way not to suffer the privations of gaol is to not commit crime.

    If the Home Office wants to reduce the prison population, the Government should reform the legislation that sends people to prison for non-payment of Council Tax or television licences. It has always seemed to me absurd that such people are imprisoned, whilst chavs who commit violent crime, but who can produce a 'society's to blame' social worker, are handed down meaningless community sentences.
  8. Here we go again.

    Why, oh why do we bother?

    Everyone with a tiny bit of intelligence knows that the liberal, socialist commies have taken over the asylum a long time ago.

    WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think we should out source to foreign countries. If we found places in prisons for our crims in India and Russia, their governments would welcome the revenue and our prisons would`nt be so overcrowded. It would also be one hell of a deterrent and make chavs think twice about what they`re doing.
    Pie in the sky I know but hey.
  10. B_R I still hold hope that we can prevent the nutters from continuing to run the asylum.
  11. I agree with the sewerage issue as well......give them all a bucket i say, problem sorted. :pissedoff:

    If they want to act like rats, then let them bloody live like rats!!
  12. Aw diddums, the poor benighted sonsabitches are having to live in nasty cells.

    I think HMP should take a leaf out of the American Sherriff who has set up tents for prisoners in the desert, on the Grounds that "If it's good enough for our brave troops serving in Eye-raq, it's good enough for felons".

    This is the same guy who has allowed the prisoners access to TV(as directed by some Human rights law) by continuous unchangeable broadcast of the God channel in the "recreation" room, and who also makes all the inmates wear pink, as they don't like it.

    A bit of that in HMP Norwich wouldn't be a bad thing, IMHO.
  13. What a supurb idea. Lets go a bit further, we have a probelem in re-constructing Afghanistan so why not take advantage of the free manpower pool in the prison population.
    Love to see the Chavs do a runner out there, and we have the added bonus that the druggies can take all the skag that they will eventually die out due to overdoses.
    Seriously though, prison is no longer a deterrent and has not been since the mid 80s. It is hard to reverse penalty practises but this is one case where the fear of prison has to have some effect. The yanks managed it in Georgia, not saying we should do the same but something must be done as it is not acceptable for a society to have a sentencing policy based upon prison places rather than protection of the public.
  14. The man you're talking about is Joe Arpaio

  15. Joe Arpaio, that's the badger. Top bloke!

    D'you reckon he'd get voted for in UK, or prosecuted for his "inhumane" tretment of inmates?