Poor hard done by Terrorists.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SKJOLD, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4006305.stm

    He s breakin my heart this guy 8O no hes not.
    My heart bleeds purple urine
    Collateral damage, who cares, rather a shitty building than one of my mates. you can rebuild houses? :evil:
    Wheres Max Hastings at the moment?
  2. LOL Skjold, high velocity bullets indeed, why can't they use the low velocity rounds from the other pouch? :roll:

    To be fair, most of Paul Wood's reporting has seemed quite on-side,
  3. It was this that said everything for me.
    I guess the leathernecks mean buisness or feck with me and your getting alot more than 5.56 :D
  4. Good job those terrorist (let stop calling them insurgents that only gives them an undue respect) are using their victim friendly rounds and low impact suicide bombs or the BBC would have to report on the evils they are doing rather than printing crap about the USMC. I cant imagine that the leathernecks are much different to me and I would rather see every Iraqi in the world sucked in the a black hole before one of my mates got killed andI would not want to soldier with any one who felt different
  5. they had that pr*ck mark urban on newsnight last week , questioning the ammount of fire the US troops were putting down to move around the city ,
    er , yeah thanks for the insight mark , i'll pass your comments on to the commanders on the ground , when was the last time YOU had to run across a street with potential bad guys in it , i'm pretty sure youd want them to chuck the f*cking kitchen sink down it mate , so dont be telling people actually IN the situation .... ie not sitting in a f*cking BBC studio in your suit you gormless f*cking cretin.

    is there a decent news channel left?

    sky is just a fox in cheap suits
    the BBC has just become so "were sorry for being us" it's making me vom.
    itv just rely on some biffy in a trouser suit standing in front of computer graphics for the "hard of thinking"

    and theres a non stop procession of "experts" , is there an "expert" factory somewhere churning these people out.

  6. I sense that the spams no longer give a flying fukc about the media as they lose no matter what they do. I'm very impressed that they have gone in full bore and are likely to get a better result earlier than they would if they had buggered about.
  7. To be fair, Paul Woods and his cameraman are right in there with the Marines, very close up and doing a good job of reporting what is to be seen.
    The copy, as read, can be taken either way, if you take the munitions bit as simply factual. Yes, a 2,000lb bomb does tend to remove a whole house, likewise a 155mm brick and, yes, HV SAA rounds do go through walls, along with the .50's and cannon shells, so it is reasonable to ask what happens to any poor sod who gets in the way of something meant for a gunman. The same thing happened in NI and has doubtlessly happened in every conflict; non-combatants get killed. End of story.
    His description of the Marines ,in action, is also a factual representation of 'the pressure that the militants are under'; I'm not sure that it comes out as sympathetic to the insurgents, other than, 'I'm feckin' glad I'm not getting it like they are!'
    If there is any 'slant' to be detected it is more likely to be from the BBC editors and not from Woods. If anything he seems to be pretty well identified with the unit he's with, from what I can gather by watching his news reports.
  8. That would be GW1 :D

    Mark is a former RTR Officer.

    Didn't he get shot at near or in Al-Khafji?
  9. It is often a mistake to accuse journos of not having been around the block before. Doesnt always stop them from being annoying, though :wink:
  10. point taken boys , i told you i had a hangover!!!!

    erm......... but if he's such an expert (there's that word again) what's he doing critiscising the ammount of covering fire people are giving each other from the war torn streets of sheperds bush?
    where's old "incoming Adie" these days?? :wink:
  11. If the US have given up worrying about influencing public opinion in the Arab world then they have handed victory to the opposition. This war cannot be won by force of arms.

    Sure, a lot of insurgents have died. However:
    The players and the support staff have all left so all you're hitting are replaceable muppets;
    The locals will now hate the US even more as their homes have just been blown up;
    The lot of the average bloke in Falluja is now worse than under Saddam now so much infrastructure has bitten the dust, so even more resistance is likely;
    The recruitment boost that the info ops campaign exploiting Falluja will produce will make up for any losses;
    Every nutter outside Falluja is having a pop as the US have moved so many troops to take part in the op;
    This means that the average Iraqi believes that we cannot provide security for him - so where do our reliable Iraqi forces come from ?

    We're measuring success in a 4th gen conflict using 2nd gen metrics. If we go on like this it will all end very badly.
  12. AAAhhh, so pessimistic! It could go the other way - maybe fallujah will be just what the Iraqis need, a bit of Spring cleaning so to speak.