Poor Dale!!! Sunday Working...hehehe

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blessed baby cakes, Jan 25, 2004.

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  1. I promised Dale the Snail I'd post this new thread to say how sorry it was she had to go to work this fine sunny Sunday morning while the rest of Arrse are planning ways to relax......

    Sorry Dale, I'm off to the pub for lunch...LATER MATE!!!! hehehehe

    And to all those who worked today.....HAHAHAHAHA

    God I love Sunday!
  2. Nice, save a jaffa cake for us, and while your stuffing your face for christ sake mind your fingers.

    I heard that when you go to the Pub for a meal they remove the knife and fork and replace it with a stick and a funnel :D
  3. hmmmmmmm lard bars...... oh how i love an industrial sized catering tray full of lard bars, or two......
  4. .....or two? Are you on a diet?
  5. Yes Baddass, I feel I need to maintain my weight at a constant 22 stone to be happy.....
    Yesterday when the firemen came to forklift me onto the city weighbridge I was over by 5lb, so it's a strict diet for me!
    It’ll be tough, but if you lot send me mercy packages of Jaffa Cakes, I might just be able to cope.....
  6. Mercy truck convoys don't come that big.

    Jaffa cake manufactures 'Mcvities' are grateful if it wasn't for you sales would force the company into liquidation :D
  7. Why oh why does my company have to make me stay at home on a Sunday? :cry:

    I hate the job, but I hate Sundays just as much. Yet it's the only day that I'm certain to be off!

    There's never anything to do on a Sunday! :(

    *whinge, whinge, whinge*

    Oh well, I'm off to church now............

    .........to confess the sins I haven't committed! :wink:

    Oh God it's hard bein' as perrfeckt as me......... :roll:
  8. what on earth is a jaffa cake? we don't have them out here
  9. ta muchly they sound horrid glad we don't have them out here then i much prefer a high protein diet :wink:
  10. Dale, I'm sorry to hear your working Sunday. I too worked this morning, but one of the luxuries of being self employed is working from home, so I sat in bed this morning tapping out a report whilst watching E4 !! Soz. I'm now shiit, showered and shaved, and ready to face an afternoon in the pub watching Man City (come on your wannkers!) and Man United (not arrsed at the score). I will think of you around 5pm, when I'm in the Mens, pee'ing into the urinal, gently swaying from side to side. Around 7pm I'm be soooo shiit faced I may even come on ARRSE and act like a big boy with big words !! There again, I may just do the usual and fall asleep in front of the monitor and wake around 3am with a headache and indigestion !! If you finish early, head towards Mankchester and I’ll buy you a Babysham or barley wine !!

    TO THE PUB I MUST GO.....................Swalley Hooooo, Laters !
  11. Well I'm glad that she's working on Sundays. She fcuking well deserves to be.
  12. I must thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts. I am indeed back from work now, ready to iron my kit and clean the house and all those lovely Sunday jobs I should have been doing instead of p*ssing about with rag-arrses who have nothing better to do than to try and kill each other.

    Gunny - sorry I can't make it for a Babycham. I would have had you down for a Cherry Brandy bloke myself.. Nice of you to offer though.
  13. After a Sunday working, which no doubt after the week the Street is facing, I will be doing next week, f*ck any drink that I can't hook-up to an IV!!!!
    Nice to see the return of Dale the Snail....there can be only ONE!!!!!