Poor box! My arrests

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. So the C o E has about 5.5billion quid in investments, so when you religious freaks start putting your hard earned on the plate this Sunday......remember the poor will get fuck all.

    But at least "God" will forgive your sins.......for a cost like!

    Religion, one of the biggest cons......ever!

    Ps it should be poor box my arrse but my auto spell does not like arrse!
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  2. That's ok. I thought it was going to be another (Kent) Police bashing tread.

    Carry on.
  3. If people think that giving their hard earned cash to a creepy sex offender will please an invisible sky pixie and therefore avoid simply fading to black, they deserve to get fleeced.
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  4. Catholics have been doing that for years...dodgy twats!
  5. Indeed. The gouging cunts.
  6. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    yeah but only us cafolicks are going to heaven , you others are fucked .
  7. Ever thought that perhaps God being omni-everything that s/he might have thought of that one and has a seperate heaven for each of the various groupings?

    Even one for the athestists where there is just nothing there and they can all go "told you so" for eternity!
  8. Kent Police? A fine upstanding body of men.
  9. Seeing the Bish waving his economic clout about I'm expecting Sir Dickie Branson is on the blower to Dave lobbying for the ultimate pork fest. Freeing the failing CoE to the righteous ways of the market and rebranding as Virgin-Churches (a Mosque-U-Like partner) all for a small public subsidy. Think of all that lovely real estate and it would not be hard to transform all those likenesses of JC to resemble Sir Dickie, oh what fun.
  10. I like my current C of E banking and loan arrangements;

    I sit in the last pew at the back.

    When the collection plate passes me I donate a hand full of loose noisy pennies and take back a £20 note.

    Beats WONGA every time.
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  11. A large amount of this vast wealth is their pension fund, and unless the New Bish is from the school of Cap'n Bob Maxwell, he can't just give it away to the poor, needy etc. . . . Allegedly
  12. 5.5 billion quid. Thats not a bad return on investment of two planks of wood and three nails
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  13. .

    And a stiff, don't forget the stiff
  14. Not sure the stiff counts as apparently he was returned after six days.
  15. OOPs on newsnight now. Not only have the C of E been inadvertantly investing in Wonga but also in arms deals and pornography.