Poor amy

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by Renut, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. Me and the wife have just landed from a two week holiday on a paradise island, where we had no contact with the outside world whatsoever and I've just heard that Amy Winehouse is dead.

    I can't believe it, my daughter will be totally gutted as she was her biggest fan.

    Hopefully she's not heard yet as she's been on a two week camping trip to Norway.
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  2. Hahaha very good!!!!!
  3. Amy is alive! forensics were drawing a line around her, when she woke up and snorted it! no lie!

    On a more serious note I was never into her music, though I have found some sadness in her death, and have listened to her track Back to Black too many times over the past days...

    RIP Winehouse.
  4. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    pathologists were doing Amy Winehouses postmortem, when they spotted two fleas in her pubic hair. One pathologist said to the other " You can see that they are both drug addicts" The other pathologist says " how do you know that?" The first one says " They are both sniffing her crack"!
  5. No, that was Peter Doherty.
  6. I saw Whinehouse when she first started out - she was doing a set in the 12-bar club in London. She was singing some crap about 'all the bars i've ever known' and I'm sitting there thinking, 'yeah right, and you're what, sixteen, seventeen'? looking back, she probably did have the track record for a song like that after all...

    Good voice when she was concious enough to use it, but what a fucked-up individual. Sad really.