Poor admin at my unit Med-Center.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Skinn_Full, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Good afternoon all, I have a small issue with my unit med-center and was interested to know if the problem is common or isolated, it's in relation to the running of the med-center rather than the staff as they are for the most part very good. I have in the past few weeks developed a knee injury which is resulting in pain whilst running, Im almost certain it is an IT band injury so went to the med-center to let them make the diagnosis. However, I was unable to see the Doctor (civi) as they were 'busy', fair one, so I saw the nurse who could only speculate as to the nature of the injury, again fair enough. I was told I would be unable to see the unit Physiotherapist as the waiting list was 3 WEEKS! So my treatment that day included being told to buy some Ibuprofen and ice my knee and come back in a week (I was unable to do so as I was on Excercise!) Returned to the med-center this morning after attempting a run which lasted about 15mins, before the pain returned with a vengence! Once there I was again told that the Doc was 'busy', I couldn't see the pysio without a referal from the Doctor and even that wouldn't guarantee me an appointment??? So now, Im going to seek treatment at a private sports massage and physiotherapy clinic at my own expense, which is no drama as im eager to get the injury sorted. Is this the normal way of things? Could I claim back the fees for private treatment and who can adress these issues to save it happening to others in the future? Answers on a post card please! Cheers.
  2. A strange tale indeed. You should see your CoC and report your experience as inefficiencies may have a knock-on effect on operational readiness and effectiveness.
    I am amazed at the picture you paint but cannot comment as, in my day, you would have been seen by the MO and referred for physio/remedial gymnastics with NSAIDS provided free of charge by the medical centre.
  3. silly question time but when you go to med centre and they say you cant see the doc. why dont you make an appointment to get into see the doctor. i know some med centres work this way. and as for going private cant see how you can claim back any expenses , i might be wrong though
  4. Hi there. I think it is wrong that you have been unable to see a doctor twice, were you seen as a sick parade or did you call in advance to make an appointment? Either way the nurse should have booked you into see the doc when you returned a week after you initially presented. 3 weeks to see the physio is not uncommon, however in the meantime the nurse should have signed you off until the injury was confirmed and if she wasn't able to she should have got the doctor to do it, her actions (or lack of them) could have put you at risk as you were clearly unfit to go on exercise or to do PT. In line with NHS guidlines Military med centres are obliged to get you seen within 48 of requesting an appointment.

    You will not be reimbersed for any money spent on self sourced treatment.
  5. As has been stated ask for an appointment, and inform the med centre that you will have to inform the chain of command as it affects you being fit for deployments etc.
    Mrs CC is in primary health and has to regularly explain to various medical centres that they are there for the benefit of the patients.
    As for private treatment wait until you see the MO
  6. You dont need a doctors referral to see the physio anymore. thats what it says on a sign in our med centre, also on BFBS radio. Give your physio dept a call and see if this is the case, otherwise you wont get the money back if you go private as the facility is supplied but you didnt use it.
  7. Skinn, you didn't ask for an apointment did you :?

    You cannot just turn up sick............ you have to book :roll:
  8. Cheers for the replies folks, I did make an appointment as I was told that I couldn't see the doc today or until the end of the week so Thursday I'll go back down to be 'reffered' to the Physio, thats not an issue, the issue is that I already know that the waiting list for the Pysio is 3 weeks long, so in the interim, nothing is happening and I want to get sorted asap, this isn't going to happen, hence I feel my only option for a quick recovery is to go private. I honestly don't mind paying to get better, I just feel its a shame that I don't have any other option, other that wait 3 weeks?! What kind of medical care is that? I know of plenty of people who would be delighted with a 3 week sick chit, it's not for me though!
  9. Here are the facts. the MOD guidlines state that you should have an appointment within 48 hours of asking. A three week wait for physio is not at all bad. A sick chit is for your protection not your convienience, while waiting for physio you should be on a chit to protect you from further injury. What is the point of paying civvy physio prices for the sake of three weeks. You are not medically trained, for all you know you may need more than physio you may need an x-ray, ultrasound or MRI none of which can be done without seeing a doctor. Like it or not this is what happens (or should happen) in a military Primary Health Care Facility.
  10. Suck it up, you girl
  11. Funny that, I reported on sick parade after having ongoing shin pains for the best part of 2 weeks. Told by the nurse that they don't like to just give out ibuprofen so was to see the physio myself. Of course, 4 weeks was the earliest I could get an appointment and in the mean time I'm back to work and PT as normal with really bad shin problems. Good thing our PTI allowed me to go to the gym for the rest of the week (instead of the running and tabbing planned) and then the following 4 weeks were Easter leave allowing my shin pain to go away somewhat.

    I still have the shin pains especially with high impact PT but don't see the point anymore and just get on with it.
  12. Right, you know what if it is something ongoing and has been painfull for more than a day, go see a doctor, there are two posters on here both of whom have not been protected after seeing nurses, I am not having a go at nurses, it might be that they aren't allowed to issue sick chits for more than a few days, but even so prolonged pain that is agrivated by your day to day routine means you aren't fit to do it and being fobbed off with brufen is not an acceptable treatment. Jesus fcuking christ it does my fcuking head the way some Army Med Centres are run I swear some practice managers just bimble about with there eyes closed, they need reminding that they are in the healthCARE profession, t0ssers.

    I really hope you all get better care in the future, i honestly do.
  13. Nurses are restricted on how many days they can give out in light duties (CMT's have even greater restrictions imposed on them) that said if it it requires a longer light duties then the nurse should get off his/her arrse an either get the individual a Dr's appointment or see about issuing a longer light duties chit (with Drs permission)
    Ask to speak to your medical centre practice manager, it is his/her job to sort these things out and if he/she is unaware of the problems then it won't get fixed for you or anyone else.

    In Germany I believe it is standard for individuals to self refer to physio, I'm not aware of that being standard practice in UK.
  15. Go sick on sick parade.

    Or book an appointment.

    You can self refer to the physio now, but they are often booked up.