Pooling of Armrs to Bn?

Discussion in 'REME' started by bored_squaddie, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone heard a rumour that armrs are being taken out of 1st line units and pooled to REME Bns, in something like an FRT? Is this just a rumour control or has anybody heard anything official from Glasgow?
  2. Never heard this one, I'd dismiss it as bollocks.
  3. It is going to happen, same with MTSM. There will still be fittersection Armrs at first line.

  4. Bored Squaddie,

    Yes it is true that the Corps is restructuring and some of the unit armourers posts will go. Some of posts have been moved to the Formation level units (REME Bns) and some of the posts have been taken as savings. If you have access to the intranet you can get more details from DEME(A) website, under the headings of DEME (A) Development Agenda and REME Restructuring.
  5. What a wonderful idea, we can remove armourers from the units where they do most good, and place them in a REME Bn morale vacuum.

    Once there, they will spend their time stagging on, being spammed for crap jobs because they're not VMs, and being pinged for ISTs to the units they used to be part of, without the benefit of continuity.

    I can't understand why it hasn't been thought of before.
  6. TMW, They could also be involved in some 'lean' activities, that'll cheer 'em up no end.
    I guess the idea is that the A2 echelon is going, so the Armr Sgt and the nig crafty will move to the Bn. The Sgt can then train the crafty in the art of skiving out of crap jobs.
  7. Good job I'm a civvy now then

    When I left my last unit the powers that be couldn't even get a replacement for me

    Then the Unit released what a Sgt armr did......
  8. ......and under which section of the Army Act were they holding him? It's bloody well just not on.
  9. It's cos some one wants a big warhammer convention!! :twisted:
  10. Well I did say they'd be spammed for crap jobs.
  11. As the song goes....

    A..................... I'm an Armourer

    B..................... I'm an Armourer

    C..................... I'm an Armourer too

    D..................... I'm an Armourer

    E..................... I'm an Armourer

    Get the drift?
  12. If this happens, then watch the sign off rate of armrs increase dramatically. i have been in first line LADs for my three postings and cannot see how this initiative is going to work.
    Detached from a reme bn to support a range camp for Lt Role Inf then on tour providing ES for an CSS unit, and so on and so on, maybe RTU to Bn just in time to get posted.
    Has anyone at HQ DEME(A)considered the impact this will have on the welfare of single and married soldiers ?
    however for the ruppert who dreamed up this idea, i suppose they will get an OBE or a promotion for it, good for them but its going to come back and sting you in them backside.
  13. I got the restructuring letter from my unit in the post this week stating the lack of armourers and metalsmiths.

    A couple of weeks ago spoke to my unit re FTRS/Mobilisation I was told that there was nothing available for armourers, (I volunteered in October for any tour, any unit, any time, etc) they'll keep putting me forward and let me know.

    With the proposed shift from 1st to 2nd line (Please God no!) is it time to find a new trade or even a new corps?
  14. This should work hand in hand with IWFM some units will be busy and some not so busy. There is already a shortage of armourers so it makes sense to pool them at Bns and surge them to where they are needed. Personally I think we should recruit and train more to prevent over stretching.

  15. It's a noble idea DD, however when 2 Bn trialled the Intimate Support Team (IST) it failed to provide the intended results. Once manpower is at Bn level, it is extremely difficult to get it back to the coalface. Suddenly, OCs, PCs and CSMs find a training opportunity (for themselves). The tradesman are then too busy being trained at to be employed at 1st line.

    I'm afraid it's another doomed idea from the REME ideas factory - excellent intent, poorly executed at Bn level. Not that it is always the Bn's fault, REME are quite bad at communicating the intent. I discovered this when I had a chat with the ASM who was tasked with the IST project, he was astounded at how poorly the plan was communicated to us at he LAD level.