Been set to look after a pool, Its normally chlorinated (Pardon my spelling if that is wrong) on a regular basis, However it has not been done for a while.

If we re chlorinate it now do you think that will be enough to kill anything in it? Its used by toddlers so do not really want them going down with any waterborn diseases however unlikely it may be.

Draining it and refilling it although possible would take a while, to give you a clue to the size it took 11 Hours to fill it with a hosepipe.


I think they do, Ive only just been asked to sort it out (Im staying at a mates free of charge and said I would help do anything I can on my day off) so ill do a bit more investigation, but they did mention it might need draining :S


hmmm, chlorine isnt the best of stuff to play about with if you have no one there whos experienced mate. i can get you the necessary tomorrow but id call the owners and take their advice first
I know how much to put in etc.... we just arent certain if that will make the pool safe again (the owners dont know either) It should be done on a regular basis and they have neglected to do that. So not certain if just giving it a clean and starting again with the chlorine treatment is enough or if we are going to have to empty it
The biggest mistake that pool owner (lucky sods) make is that they try too hard to balance the pool and keep adding chemicals almost daily. As the other dude said get a tester kit for starters to check ph levels about 6 quid they are. The best thing to do is as little as possible. Until you have more confidence, just shock the pool one day a week, you won't be able to use the pool that day but this will limit the interference that you're doing to the pool. Best do it on a thursday so its ready for the weekend.
Pools are pretty simple to run, as long as you do simple maintenance steps, like skimming leaves and debris of the top (at least once a week). Cleaning the walls either by hand (telescopic pole) or you get mechanical ones which i call a baricudo ?? its a vacuum really which sucks up all the muck off the floor it either connects to a pool’s circulation system or has its own power supply. (if doing by manually pay attention to corners and the steps)
Keeping the strainer baskets (filters in effect, box shaped either found in a unit outside of the pool or in the pool itself usually by the pump) clear will also boost the efficiency of the circulation system, resulting in a much cleaner pool. Again at least once a week, remove leaves and anything else that could obstruct the water flow. Also run the pump as much as you can minding the leccy price, water movement keeps the algae at bay and the sand filter( change every 3 to five years so fear not) is really the only thing that cleans anything. It's the sand filter that makes the water crystal clear not the chemicals. Also back flush the pool once a month, to much to type now so you might what to google that, but its rather simple. Do not fear you'll get the hang of it, god i miss having a pool, may i come round for a swim?
Its not my pool, Im staying with a friend and mentioned this evening that I have a day off and since I am staying rent free if there is anything they want me to do I will, they mentioned the pool and that it had not been done in about a week and a half, they only recently bought it and where concerned it may not be safe for the sprogs at the weekend.

advice is much appreciated.
Aye no bother fella, i think the pool will be more than safe myself, give it a scrub, check filters if it has one also just check the ph levels, I cant remember what it is on the top of my head, somewhere around 7.8ppp but iv'e never had a problem with up to 10ppp read the instructions they pretty simple, all you do is take some water from the pool add a few drops of given tester and you'll know where you sit. i personally would just keep adding in the cholrine as stated, no need to drain the pool just yet i don't see the need, i would drain a little out then top it up with a little fresh every good once in awhile. I don't know what type of pool it is so im just going off what i know. If the pool is really green, shock the pool and use your pool skimmer to help mix and distribute the shocker treatment and it will also speed up the oxidization process, leave for 24 hours and you can get your feet in. All things can make it go green weather extra so its not person cleaning the pools fault at all. All pools smell of chlorine so fear not, best just throw the wee muckers in heard first.

Excuse my ramblings

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