Poofy Hispanic names

Alphonso, Celestina, the type of people you laugh at. Hugo. Sorry, let me try that one again. Hugo. Hugo Chavez runs a country? Looks like the type of man you could take down a nightclub though. Lotta lotta experience with crocs. Doncha just love him?

You're an endless source of enjoyment late at night.... Unfortunately, when you start it's only 1900hrs here... :wink:
If Jesus was from Bethlehem (Register office in Nazareth) why'd they give him a Spanish "Christian" name!!??

Scrof, AA, I also find you entertaining. It's funt rying to work what concoction of drugs and alcohol you've taken before clicking log-in.


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Fidel is a funny one. I lie awake in bed at night laughing my t!ts off just thinking about it - don't even get me started on Miguel hooo hooo, haarrgh harrggghhh - oooh stoppid!

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