It may have been just me but.... when Bush and Bliar was speaking at the WH yesterday, and the question was asked about Bliar's ''possible unfair label" of being Bush's poodle - didn't it just answer the question when the 'man' wasn't even allowed to answer for himself?!! :roll: :roll: And looked towards 'Daddy' instead.

And as quick as he shot up to respond the question - Bush was looking lost in his own answers - as if he couldn't think of anything else to describe our 'wonderful leader'??!!
"Visionary Leader?" "Big Thinker?" "Doesn't wilt?" "Stands what he believes in?" I think Bliar was looking a little lost too at the time - he was wandering who the hell Bushy was going on about. :roll: :D
They make the 'Chuckle Brothers' look like a viable answer to world peace in comparison.

If this is what four million years of evolution has given us then I thank feck I'll not be around for the next four million.

Picture the scene 4 million years AD; an omebic growth called GWB the 434th with his built on growth, TB grinalot, has to ensure that pick up owners have the god given rite to walk upright and own a shot gun despite the fact that all the rest of the planet who have since evolved into super human enigmas that can sense every action within the universe just by communicating with each other with an invisible pulse (a bit like the 'force' seen in the film Contact with Jodie Foster or to a lesser degree the 'aliens' from AI by Speilberg).

Opposable digits are and will be a waste of evolution for Bush jnr and his glove puppet know as that teenage embarressment, Bliar.

Im sure if Maggie had all her faculties and were still in power, she would have told Bush he was a toss pot, invaded Hawaii just for a larf and chinned the mammalian, Pan troglodytes hunch back retardulus and told him to stop being such a child and get a grip.

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