'Poo For Pay'?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Maguire's 'Poo Button' link got me thinking: the porn actors/actresses in scat films - are they in to poo-based bumfoolery, or is it just another day in the office for them?

    I know there are some male porn stars who are 'gay for pay' - i.e. they don't usually bat for the other side but are prepared to come in as ringers (see what I did there?) for cash, but if you are not in to scat, how much would they have to pay you to be shat on?
  2. Id want paying a hoofing what!!
  3. 1. Gay for Pay, you know this how?

    2. Are we talking a day rate for getting shat on or an Annual Salary?
  4. I have been shat on by my wife my friends and my family. Not one has offered me remuneration.
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  5. You really need to stay in more and get on the internet. I thought everyone knew?

    I think on a day rate - imagine you're a porn actor and your Agent (do porn actors have agents?) calls you up:

    "Hello luvvy, it's your agent here. How are you sweety? Listen, I've got you the most maaaarvelous part, which will really stretch your acting skills.
    What is it? It's the lead in a scat film. Very little dialogue but chance for you to really act and convince people you like being shat upon. Some oral and anal too, you know, the usual stuff PLUS this great opportunity in a niche genre. "
  6. I am shat upon by my employer frequently. No mention of any extra financial reward.....
  7. It would take shit loads of money...
  8. HHH

    HHH LE

    Do they claim the laxatives as expenses on their tax forms ?
  9. ...and do actresses in German Sheiße Flicks claim extra allowance to account for the higher cost of living in Germany? ;-)
  10. Is not being able to shit the same as not getting it up in normal porn movies?
  11. If you've seen a lot of porn as I have (a lot of porn) you'll notice that a lot of the girls are the same/reocuring , so I assume that there is a small group of willing "Scat actors".
    So I guess that most Porn stars wont do the nasty, as for pay I'd hazard a guess it's not that different from standard porn tbh.
  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    What would they call the "Fluffer" in this case ??
  13. All of this in one go;