Pony killed in Hawley Lake

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by putteesinmyhands, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. There's good eating on a pony! What a fucking waste.
  2. Sounds like Pikeys .....
  3. Both the land and water born variety making a meal of this one. Surely it would be easier to wash it with a hose pipe though?
  4. It's part of their "culture". You might say it is their civil right to wash horses in this way.

    (I am eternally amazed at how they treat their horses and ponies considering they are a major part of the "assets" of many families).

    But perhaps it wasn't pikeys !!!!!
  5. Are you suggesting that a pair of empty oil drums became detached from the trap as a result of a dodgy lashing?

    (and Gib Bks).
  6. The dead pony was chipped, and although not updated on the records after a recent sale, surely that starts a paper trail?

    When we run the scum down, we give them concrete boots, kick them in the head and throw them in to the same lake... ALL OF THEM.

    Job jobbed.
  7. 2 years old is elderly for a pony?
  8. Shame there wasn't a bridging excercise going on nearby at the time............................... might have had a different outcome.
  9. Do us a favour the water in Hawley tasted crap as it was, dead people aren't going to help.
  10. Yup, the TA would have dashed to the rescue.

    Well, it was 17:00 on a Saturday. :)
  11. The Daily Heil doesn't know what it's talking about as usual, the 'elderly' word was probably the best it could come up with to add to the sensationalism. If the pony was two years old then it's obviously far from elderly but more importantly it was also FAR too young to have been broken to drive.

    However, this is fucking despicable. Sadly not wholly unusual though. Pikeys take their trotting races very seriously, usually to the detriment of the equines whose legs are smashed to pieces in relatively short time. The bluff and bravado is collosal and equals the embarassment when a race is lost so they try and regain face by punishing the losing animal. I've seen it before, not drowning, but certainly thrashing an animal to death then leaving it by the side of the road.

    Doing something that in broad daylight is bizarre though, but that's inbreds for you I suppose. Perhaps someone should mention Hitler about now...
  12. Are you saying THEM now drown horses too? Scandalous. =-D
  13. Probably getting into character for the upcoming undercover work at Dale Farm.