Pongos... Give me strength...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airborne_Aircrew, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. I though that the title would get your attention.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I was wrong... Completely and utterly wrong when I came to the conclusions I did in another thread here in the NAAFI.

    I don't think I have ever been as proud as I have standing alongside both yourselves and everyone else who took part in the 36 Grays Lane Affair. I wasn't particularly flattering to you yet, when I became involved with the SSAFA project I was immediately and unequivocally accepted and assisted by everyone whenever I asked for it.

    You have demonstrated compassion, intelligence, determination, discipline, humility, fortitude and humor in the face of what appeared to be an un-winnable battle. The rejection of the application seemed to confirm that, no matter what the decent thing to do was, the "enemy" were going to do it. Despite that, you got stronger not weaker. You maintained "fire discipline", despite the fact that, in many arenas you would have been quite justified in going on the offensive in an "end justifies the means" fashion.

    You impressed the hell out of me, you brought me to tears on more than one occasion, and I would be proud to stand by any of you in any situation now or in the future.

    The British, and the military specifically, are still Great, a thing I thought we had sadly lost.

    Again, I apologize and I salute you all...

  2. Ugly Fecker!!!
  3. We know.
  4. You have demonstrated compassion, intelligence, determination, discipline, humility, fortitude and humor

    Bollox! that wasn't me it must have been some other fecker!
  5. Fcuk off crab! Don't you know normal service has resumed!

    *edited due to being an ex pongo fcukwit*
  6. Has it taught you how to salute properly?

    ....wanders off chortling to himself.....
  7. Dry your eyes, blow your nose, you crab fairy.

    Only joking, AA, - I have to say you did a top job, from start to finish. Feel free to disregard my little contribution to the thread you mentioned. The balance of my mind was disturbed.

    Edited to add - It often is, I'm finding.
  8. This is what its all about BANTER between the services because deep down we do respect each other even though you will get sh*t. It takes a man to apologise but a w*nker to abuse people from behind a terminal. So FCUK off A_A and Thank you
  9. Sail Army, Fly Navy, Walk sideways!
  10. We've had your help, now fcuk back to your own site(oh and thanks)
  11. Its okay its the 21st Century, we know your Gay. :) :)

    AA youve been a star really, thanks for eveything you did, you really helped us more than you know.

    Now do one :p
  12. Owww... A sudden burst of input...

    Roar all you like ladies... I ain't leaving... I've seen your weak underbelly... Actually, I have seen more "belly" than I wanted to... But I'm aging too so I'll ignore it...

    Seriously, my opener in this thread stands... and yes, I do know how to salute, I was doing it before you were out of nappies probably... ;)
  13. That makes it you and Patch left then, best get on to the news, they've been quoting him as the last of our WW1 heros.
  14. [Walt Mode]

    Actually, Patch and I were in a trench one day.... never mind

    [/Walt mode]

    I'm not that frigging old!!! 8O