Pongos and combat jackets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lolwut237, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Why do you wear them the way you do, the elastic is at the bottom for a reason.
  2. Mine's got a draw cord :O
  3. My friend has just finished phase 1, think he's joined the rifles - look at this picture, the way the combat jackets are being worn looks shite - plus why is the belt over the jacket?[​IMG]

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  4. Why do you booties call a side POUCH (pow-ch) a POOCH?
  5. I'm not a bootneck yet, still a phase 2 nod. Not sure where the pooch comes from, it's grown natural to call it one
  6. I rather think loose looks better than drawn up tbh. RN Foulies need to be worn drawn in because weather dependant, water can also come up as well as down, but on a combat jacket it looks smarter out.
  7. We always used to draw them up back in the 80's. I got told off for it pretty much as soon as I rejoined! Fashions change I guess.

    I think they look smarter drawn up and I wear mine like that in the field for the most part. Makes it a bit less prone to catching on things. The old style ones had a flap you could fasten under the crotch to stop them riding up although it seemed a bit unnecessary. Parachuting ones still have it I guess for obvious reasons.
  8. Shhhh Nod. There's a good Nod. Now, behave like Nods have done since time began and go to the Turk's head, drink your standard two pints of Wifebeater, gob off at a local, bag off with an Exeter scutter and worry about other things than how working dress is worn.
  9. Not only do your mates jacket look shite, those berets are turbo-shite (trg staff not getting a grip!).
  10. No Rifles in that lot, a couple of Royal Anglians, same nuber of Fusiliers, and a bloke from PWRR
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    and they only look old enough to be cadets . . . . or is that me getting older?
  12. Most of us go to Torquay now - exeter is shite, plus all the girls there are honking
  13. God I can even remember "the Pav" in Exmouth, I bet it's been knocked down now

  14. Because the fucking RSM says so or is that a little hard to get into your cabbage like skull?
  15. Well fuck off back to your grot and start banging them out you necky cunt. Alternatively pop off down to the AACC grots and have a proper word with the trained ranks in there.

    Report back once you're out of hunter troop and the emergency dental work has been completed

    Computers and the internet in training FFS whats that about