Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RoyalEngineers, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. I was wondering basically:

    1-How often do you guys parade (usually)..

    2-How regular and often people turn up to parade nights..

    3-What full time commitment is..

    4-Whether you can simply join the TA hoping for it to be some sort of "job" taking priority before joining the army or an alternative means if you don't quite meet the individual requirements at the time for the regular army (obviously the guidelines are all the same but to what extent is this possible)

    Thanks :D
  2. Once a week. Usually use Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on the unit. Specialist units don't parade as often.

    Individual commitment is just that, individual. Some go every night, some a handful of times in the year.

    Full time commitment would be regular service. TA can and do undertake full time commitment, but you would volunteer to do so either via FTRS, mobilisation or by applying for a permanent staff position in a unit.

    No. The TA is not an easy option to the regular army. If you were not fit for a job when applying to the regulars, when you apply to do the same job through the TA you would still be (unsurprisingly) not fit. Arguably you could do the part time equivalent, but to do the full time post the same criteria applies.
  3. Okay cheers mate.. clarifies things really.. definately be an option for me at some point.. :)