Pond Jump West

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 11, 2004.

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  1. I'm off to Canada soon as OPFOR for Pond Jump West.

    Any hints, never having been there myself?

    Dismounted so usual stuff about fitness etc.


  2. where exactly?
  3. No idea yet, ( except.....canada....)

    I will try to find out more

  4. this time year, wainwright camp. Dont talk to any strange fat men in their 60s, hanging around telephones asking the time. (long story) :oops: JDs is good but keep away from the bar at the top end of town full of hill billys that dont like soldiers full stop. look out for fat chick who has the cheek to wear a belly chain :( DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.
  5. Excellent training for dismounted Infantry. I was there in the summer and the mozzies were bigger than the boils on MDN's bum. However, both dry and LIVEXs are only limited by the imagination of the people planning them (and we had some pretty good staff) so there's every opportunity to fill your boots. Social life is almost non-existent in the local hostelries. One or two tired tarts getting their kit off (and sticking to the floor as they do the splits) so no joy there either. Take the trip to Edmonton, see the biggest Mall in the world, complete with submaries (I sh*t you not!), and head west to the Rockies and Jaspar. You'll have an outstanding time.
  6. Camp Wainwright?

    OK place for military exercise. Nothing else there. Literally.
    As has been pointed out, if you have any free time, don't waste it there. Head to Edmonton, Calgary, Jasper, Banff. The Rockys are beautiful.
    Edmonton is still pretty cold this time of year, but all of Canada's Western Army is now based there.
  7. Thanks guys.

    I think we are over there june/july time which gives me enough of a heads up to get some turbo nutter mossie rep.
  8. Yep I did Pond Jump West and Norman is bang on target. Edmonton is outstanding - the mall is unbelievable. It has a Scottish pub with McEwans Red! It has an indoor rollercoaster park INSIDE the bloody mall. And a swimming pool complete with bungee jump. Also big cinema complex.

    But the mozzies are f***ing evil - I kid you not. I was getting bitten through my combats! Get yerself a headnet at least and stock up on Deet (the best repellentout there)