Pond Jump West

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 0311Matt, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. I've heard that HM Forces are no longer doing the Pond Jump West exercises in Wainwright Canada. Ironically, I'd spent some time in Wainwright when the battlegroups would come over to do their live-fire stuff (I spent 6 years in the Canadian Army prior to emigrating to the States and joining the US Marine Corps).

    Anybody remember JD's Saloon downtown? What a sh*thole...

    How about Bridget the Midget?

    What are the light infantry battalions now doing for their main course of live-fire training? Going to BATUS in Suffield?
  2. I had forgotten all about JD's but now remember a good few nights spent their. I was over in 91/92 for a six week exercise, and have good memories of the R&R package in the Regency Hotel (Strip club in basment!) :)
  3. Tango, you must be talking about the Regency in Edmonton? Lots of decent bars along Whyte Ave, but nightlife in Wainwright was pretty lacking.

    Remember how JD's only used to serve beer in plastic mugs as they didn't want the liability of squaddies using glass mugs to beat the shyte out of each other with?

    If memory serves me correctly, in the fall of '96 or '95 the KOSB were just wrapping up their training and 2 Para arrived, so the 2 units were in camp concurrently and their respective CO's made the mistake to let the boys out in town on the same night. Was quite the brawl in JDs.
  4. LAND are looking at better use of the facilities in BATUS, following DInf's visit there in June this year. This will hopefully involve a less prescriptive series of exercises for the Infantry, and take focus away from just the armour.
  5. Makes sense, given the size of the training area at Suffield.

    Is there much there in terms of live-fire ranges for dismounted/light infantry training though?

    I just remember Suffield as being this wind-swept immense prairie that it wasn't uncommon for it to be 33 degrees during the day in August and then a cold front would blow in that night and you'd wake up the next morning with 2 inches of snow on the ground and the temp would be around 2-3 degrees. Talk about unpredictable weather!
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    RIP Wainwright, spent a jolly time in that one horse town
  7. Too bad there is no Buffalo Paddock at BATUS to end a drunken evening racing through before 'Big Bill' wakes up and says hello.
  8. Would Big Earl have had a name change then?

    A real exchange of culture and fists in the Octoberfist!!
  10. Ref Edmonton was there also a Bar that allowed all drink free on a Thursday night until the first person went for a p1** ?
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Nobody ever wins in these bun fights - but I bet KOSB won! :twisted:
  12. I don't know who came out with less bloody noses, but I'll tell you, the next day, both battalions were formed up and the owner of the bar that the brawl took place was going through the ranks with each unit's RSM pointing out who was to have their pay docked to cover damages done to the premises.
  13. Blimey, the CIA's UK desk human intel budget must be taking a severe pounding??
  14. Wainwright was a dump, locals would leave "reserved" signs on the slot machines while they went for a urine....

    Calgary was good to go to for a few days, Cowboys, fantastic waitresses
  15. Tim Collins was correct in his book then by saying the Government is cutting costs all the time and it will be training that suffers the most... Train Hard Fight Easy?! it'll be more like Train '0' Fight Hard!

    Wainwright was an awesome package! then you had a week away in Jasper in the Canadian Rockies for Adventure Training, Brilliant! I seem to remember a real out in the sticks place called LloydMinster with a real shit kicking saloon bar?! only downside to Wainwright was if you ended up in nick as they had the good old Mounties in charge of the Guardroom!!! Gulp!