Ponchos - Daft Question?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JT0475, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Was chewing the fat with one of the lads in my team at work today, and for some reason, we ended up discussing building basha's with poncho's. The question sprung to us, in this day and age, do the lads still get issued with a '58 pattern poncho, basha building for the use of, or is there something more up to date, gortex, kevlar, dpm, self assembling with blow up inflatable mattress incorporated issued? :D :? :D
  2. you just get a basha mate, similar to the old poncho but no fecking great hood in
  3. I've seen the poncho's you remember.

    We don't use them anymore, it's just a DPM waterproof sheet used as a shelter which can also double up as a stretcher - no head hole.

  4. DPM Shelter sheet or somesuch (can't remember the proper name). Like a poncho only lighter, bigger, camouflaged and without that daft hole in the middle to put your noggin in.
  5. What is the material the current one is made out of? It's incredibly strong and waterproof and I've never seen anything like it, even in civilian hiking applications.

  6. The skin of dead babies maimed by Brit Infantry wielding pitchforks.

    Or so the treehuggers will have you believe.

  7. I actuallly bashaed-up with my brother in a little wood outside the village of Kingston in Dorset the other day, having walked along the coast with my brother.

    We were strategically, if illegally positioned to walk to the boozer, ten minutes walk from the boozer.

    We used a 58 poncho, elegantly erected between four trees, with a bungee holding the hood up/together, a la mini pyramid. That hood had its uses, though not the one it was designed for.

    It always makes me laugh when you see septics in yank war movies poncing about in ponchos when its raining, caped crusaders indeed.
  8. Thanks guys,
    I remember actually using a poncho in the way it was intended (this was before goretex and all that stuff), tabbing around Holcombe Moor around about 1983, when I was a wee apprentice, lashing down, and it was poncho's or a soaking - so there were 100+ 17 year olds all looking a tad silly, but as it was a night navigation exercise, we weren't too worried about whether we looked 'ally' or not - also useful for shielding the map when trying to establish just where abouts we were (or rather, weren't!)

  9. I've worn one of Otterburn, stopped the horizontal rain but was in danger of taking off
  10. This thread has sadly brought up dark memories of being 'taught' how to put up a 'basha' out the back of the Rowallan block at RMAS. No green bungees then - just nice red civvy ones.

    Still the 'basha' defintely has its uses outside the military - put one up on the beach last week on the Mull of Kintyre as a sun (yes - sun) shelter for my boys.

    Incredible - driftwood fire, freshly caught sea trout, sand too hot to walk on barefoot, no other people and a basha!

  11. I got issued a 58 poncho a couple of years back. Being familiar with them from past service I wasn't bothered.

    Until I saw what the other lads had been issued, massive gucci camo tarps!!!

    Still got it too and still use it.

    In my local charity shop I saw a chinese fighting suit in the window the other day. I almost went in and bought the bloody thing too!!!
  12. I trust these babies were raised organically and that the Infanteer got a fair wage for his work?
  13. Although very rarely used as a poncho I think the head hole was useful. It's not always worth carrying waterproofs but if you can sling your poncho on in a sudden thunderstorm all to the good.
  14. rrrr the chinese fighting suit now that brings back memories!

    Or trying to get your NBC kit into a wet 58 pattern Phoncho Roll, in the field, in the rain, with no lights at 4am!
  15. I tend to agree, even the gucci goretex stuff still makes you a walking sauna and just as noisy.

    The cagoul with chest pocket and trousers we used to have years ago was well named as crisp packets.

    If ypu try to stay dry you still get wet anyway, so just get wet!!! Good for cutting down the wind chill I suppose....