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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Danny_Deever, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Evening Gents, (and ladies),

    I understand it’s a bank holiday Monday evening & that you’re all probably in the same situation as me; - four days of heavy drinking and not looking forward to Tuesday morning. However, on my journey back from the pub tonight something bothered me so much I thought I would write to you to vent my frustrations

    Before I continue, I’d like to introduce myself, this being my first post and such, (etiquette & all that). I have been one of many who has lurked for a month or two and until now hasn’t got around to actually contributing........ til now.

    I’m from East London – early twenties, public school, CCF, school boy RCB, 6th form, Uni, OTC, AOSB then eventually ADSC followed by my Corps selection, which lucky for me went well and I have my place in the army starting within a couple of months. Long journey but finally there and I can look forward to cracking on with it all fairly soon. Happy days. That’s my story.

    Getting back on track, whilst on my way home from the pub this eve, I picked up a copy of the Independent, (not my usual choice of paper, but it did distract me from the usual stink of piss and lunatics jumping up and down on the frightbus). Immediately turning to the back pages to check the disastrous progress of my local team - that’s not was I was confronted with - What I did see was a full page advert/survey thingy from the ‘our world our say’ people that really gripped my shit. All downhill from here.

    Apparently, this is a group who wants to highlight to us all how our government is steadily turning into a semi/PC version of Nazi Germany without our knowledge. The main argument of this article being, ‘The Government has plans to monitor you and every citizen that are ‘Orwellian’ in nature- almost total surveillance of almost every aspect of your life’.

    ‘They want to create a totalitarian state like under the Stasi in East Germany, simply because the technology is there’. ‘They use the excuse of ‘the war against terror’ or ‘the fight against crime’, ‘And there is more, much more – like fingerprinting of children’.’’

    Now, after studying politics & IR throughout school and uni I for one am well up for a balanced debate/argument, however, what really fcuked me off was how massively leading this article was.

    For instance;

    ‘Full body scanners – Are you aware that they will show your genitals and any cosmetic enhancements’.

    I’m pretty sure they don’t give a monkeys how small your todger is or how big your bristols are – just whether or not you’ve got PE4, or some other homemade bollox in you trainers.

    ‘ID cards and you – You could be fined £1,000 or go to prison if you don’t inform The Government of changes in your status’.

    Not an ‘illegal’ and I don’t deal drugs, run guns or young Chezh birds over the border – no worries there.

    ‘Your electronic communications – Are you aware that the Government is pressing ahead with a project to record and track all electronic communications a person makes – every email, text message, web page visited, every Google search and phone call made’.

    Don’t often text people my plans how I’m going to blow up the local Minimart, Substation or Gov building. But am pretty certain GCHQ doesn’t have that ability – even if they wanted to. Plus I couldn’t care less if they see what youporn, football scores or Arrse forums I’ve been perusing.

    ‘Every journey you take on major public roads you take is tracked by a network of cameras with ANPR – are you aware of this’?

    Lucky I’ve paid my road tax, MOT and am not driving whilst smash boat. One of the minority it would seem.

    ‘Unmanned drones – were you aware that the police have started small scale scale trials using unmanned drones and are moving towards an massive expansion of this surveillance method’?

    Once again, couldn’t give a fcuking monkeys. Anything to help catch those scallywags robbing/ragging/burning motors outside my house, I’m all for it.

    These are just some of the untruths spouted in this article that I once thought was a reasonably respectable rag. Amazingly, the above ISN’T the thing that pis sed me off the most, it being;

    ‘Have no doubt, the government is not going to listen to us concerning the destruction of our hard won liberties – the ripping away of our freedoms’......... ‘£35 could help pay for 2333 leaflets to be distributed door to door in a marginal constituency’. ‘£4,000, could help pay for a full page press advert’. Etc etc etc

    Well for one, I thought that our system of government was evolutionary unlike many of the revolutionary types out there (mentioning no names). I love the fact we have an uncodified constitution, I really love the fact that we have a system a good 14 hundred years in the making that we can all rely on. NO ‘Patriot Act’, NO summary executions – NO up against a wall and all that.

    What I like to think we have is something that is necessary for the times we live in irregardless of the tit faces at Westminster. I’m sat here right now slagging off the powers that be without fear that some heavies will smash my door in and carry me off into the night never to be heard of again. "We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us." Massive respect to everyone who has made that possible – and quite simply that’s what makes me proud to tell people when I’m traveling, ‘’I’m British’.

    Democracy is an awful way to run a country, but it's the best system we have.


    PS. Massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to the ‘joining up’ & ‘selection’ forums etc, especially CR, CrapSpy, Howayman, very informative.

    I did read the stickies! Lol

    PPS. Again, after reading a fare bit of the site I’d like to say I’m no journo and I know that my grammar isn’t perfect but I did try!

  2. Your grammar is good enough for you to be an officer. Most of the troopies I met when I was a Sapper only had a casual acquaintance with the subject.
  3. Extra! Extra! Young bloke on ARRSE gets complimented on his grammar.
  4. My grammar is better than that and they won't let me be an ossifer...
  5. Danny, you make some valid points. My only question is this:

    Do you really trust this government with more personal details that they can use/abuse/lose?
  6. I paid no compliment but simply commented on the facts in light of my own experience.
  7. Yes they can, especially the texts, as for the net they would go via your ISP for this.

    As for unmanned drones, this is in the pipeline as a replacement for police helicopters, they are smaller, cheper to run and have better legs. Bit of a no brainer really. Just the hurdle of unmanned drones being illigal over the UK currently, although this is being changed, and BAE down the road from me at Warton have been (allegedly) flying the things for years!
  8. Most of the drones in the political parties fly business class anyway.
  9. Presumably, being Nue Arbiet, the drones will be equipped with air-to-ground ASBO's or supervision orders instead of something useful like Hellfires.
  10. Good post Danny. These folk seem to have far more faith in the will of government to implement effective intelligence gathering than I have, though. There were enough tossers in positions of responsibility for which they were completely unsuited before the advent of all the new technology that is now available. Their successors must be utterly clueless and completely dependent on the "little people" at the sharp end now, except that, surprise, surprise, there are never enough of the real arbeiters to do the job properly.
  11. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    You may well have a point.

    The memsahib unt mother-in-law wanted a bit of culture yesterday and, since they are both museum/gallery nuts, thought it prudent to use the day to visit a big place full of stuff. I managed to convince them of the Imperial War Museum and we concentrated on the Holocaust exhibition. Fantastic and well worth going to even if you come out slightly shell-shocked and flabbergasted that the whole movement could gain such momentum.

    The history of the rise of the fascist state caused Mrs U to turn to me and declare emphatically that we are in danger of the same situation occurring here - not necessarily manifesting itself in a overtly racist fashion but the recession and the lack of cohesive leadership.

    I was reminded of Naomi Wolf's polemical observations about three years ago that there are ten stages to the development of a fascist state.


    Read them and try not to be too worried....
  12. You missed the deliberate error in the last line :)
  13. What "untruths"?

    You may not give a monkeys and think they are all for the good but you have not yet shown that anything in there is actually not happening.

    Whether what they are doing/planning to do is a good or bad thing is up to your personal view point but the fact is that these things ARE happening.
  14. Just read the linky to the Gruniad article. Scary or what!

    I am torn between seeing the things that the state is doing as a protecting effort and the fact that the state seems to be slowly slowly inch by inch wearing down civil liberties, freedom of speech etc etc.

    Would we allow such a thing to really happen, or would be even aware that it had? As an ex copper I used to think 'good on yer boys' when I saw film of a door being put in and baddies arrested. Nowadays I feel a frisson of worry when I see helmeted riot shielded coppers wielding battering rams on a suburban door at ohmygod o'clock in the morning. Was the knock of the Gestapo/NKVD/Stasi/KGB any louder?

    There was a lsit out recently showing all the legislation brtought in by Labour that could be described as 'anti-personal liberty' or similar. I acnt recall who wrote it, but when you read it , iit does worry. Its things like this and arresting OAP at Labour Conferences for heckling using Anti Terror Laws or justifying stopping people photographing buildings in London for the same reason that you sometimes stopo and think. 'hey, this has gone too far'.

    Question is, what do we do about it??
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I wondered who would be the first "Spelling Nazi" to pick up on that. Since GCO aksed us not to pick on spelling mistakes it has been murder trying not to post. Thank you for being the first mong, allowing me to jump in and relieve my frustrations.