Pompous oaf Tory MP upsets the disabled

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. As this tory pr1ck was in a hurry to get to Westminster (in order to lodge his expenses claim, no doubt) he left his car in a disabled space for a full week, got 2 tickets, then reacted by saying the majority are made to suffer at the hands of the disabled minority.

    I'm sure the expenses he's clocking up between Devon and London week in week out would amply cover the fine, but no, he has to kick off and whinge like he's hard done by.

    With the local disabled minority suffering at the hands of their selfish representative, are many Totnes locals going to keep faith with this tool next time round?


    Cameron's clowns have distanced themselves from the pleb.
  2. £141,000 approx

    plus a few overseas jollies oh and of course a nice lttle earner with some airline quango, which gives him and family free travel....."I'm thinking pigs in the trough"

  3. Jimmy - thanks for the figures (and the extra sordid details). I note with dismay that out of 657 snouts in the trough, his stinking snout delved deepest on 3 occasions out of a possible 48.

    That's not bad going. I don't suppose the parking fine will have much of an impact on such a solid and consistent record, but a vote for a prospective independent tory next time round certainly would.
  4. He has wilfully and deliberately broken the law and has sought to exculpate himself by projecting upon a wider public a fiction, the nature of which is devoid of substance!

    Infantryman under effective enemy fire deploy smoke to extract themselves. Politicians manufacture and then deploy the logical fallacy of argumentum ad populum for the same tactical purpose.

    His obvious lack of empathy with his fellow human beings and his willingness to use them in furtherance of his own self-interest is symptomatic of the sociopathy that he, and far too many like him seek to conceal beneath the cloak of public office!

    He fools no-one but the fool he is!
  5. Our Father, who art in heaven, please let me run into this cock.......
  6. 'ckinell Frenchperson, I think I agree with you.

    I'm a crip of limited means - the expenses mentioned by Jimmy_Kranke is well over ten years worth of my (50%) war pension.

    But then I don't have the expense of holidays abroad or worry about free travel, a (second home) flat in or around Westminster, a mistress (or mister/master?) to keep in the manner s/he has become accustomed to living - and having to fill out a complicated form ( What's your name? ... How much do you want?) in order to claim the expenses.

    ... on second thoughts fp, it's not so easy a life!
  7. How would this pleb like to have my disabilities that cause me severe walking problems? Typical brain dead Tory a**ehole who lives on another planet.
  8. Swop? - mind you they have issued me a wheelchair, I would have difficulty getting about without it.
  9. [​IMG]
    An act worthy of Alan Baastard. More on Steen here.
  10. I thought the wheel chair symbols in those spaces were there to indicate that if you parked there, you would not only get a ticket the attendant would break your legs.
  11. A couple of days ago Radio 4 were trying to make a big deal out of his use of "handicapped" by hunting round for a few lefties to come on and be offended on behalf of the "differently abled"

    I'd like to add to this thought: I'm partially deaf, it is a disability: by definition a handicap is something that makes a task harder therefore I am handicapped in conversations when there is backgrond noise.

    I am too busy getting on with my life to waste time arguing about whether my hearing loss is a handicap, a disability or whether I'm just a bit hard of hearing. When they have finished eating squid ink pasta and uabergines in Islington whilst inventing new words to "enable" minorities I'm still sat here with fliddy ears.
  12. I am just disgusted by his attitude as a blue badge holder I know that there are not a "disproportionate" number of disabled bays as I can often not find a free one to park in. Maybe this MP should be made to apend a day in a wheelchair to see what difficulties the disabled truly face. Of course if he was to have the severe pain that I amongst other disabled people have to deal with every day as well that would be even better.
  13. Whilst I would be unwise to use the word "disproportionate" I feel that there are often more than required... and I say that who regularly transports my wheel-chair bound mother about, and has need for a wider space - this is not necessarily an issue of wanting a space close to the entrance (although this is often a reason for abuse)

    On the other hand, and for pretty much the same reason as disabled people using disabled spaces, there are insufficient "parent and baby" spaces - try getting a little one in-or-out of a car without being able to open the doors fully. And that is in a Ford Focus not a Chelsea Tractor.

    At three local supermarkets, there are always 30+ empty disabled bays, but never any parent-and-baby spaces free... perhaps this is because "ordinary" users feel less guilty about (ab)using a P&B space?

    Perhaps it would be less of an issue if parking spaces were not so narrow.

    I condemn anyone abusing a disabled space... but the same should apply to P&B spaces. And the MP is a cnut for being such a prat.
  14. Agreed... locally one of the Councillors was wheel-chair bound following an operation, and his attitude change is akin to Paul on the road to Damascus!

    Suddenly dropped kerbs, and resurfaced footpaths are appearing...
  15. There seems to be a lot of thoughful thinking in the approach to this particular thread.

    Not now there isn't :twisted: :twisted:

    Steen has shown himself to be a loathsome, self-centred, arrogant cnut and if Cameron had any balls at all he would sort this tw@t out publicly.

    FP I am disturbed that I seem to be agreeing with you more and more - scary! Now the problem is - are you getting more like me or am I getting more like you? :D

    Or maybe we can just spot cnuts over the horizon?

    Edited once for furious spelling!