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Hi All,
I am due to go to Portsmouth Uni this October. I am set on a career in the army and have already done my RCB briefing and done lots of fam visits, and so was wondering if anybody here knew anything about the Potsmouth OTC? (I know that they have a joint one with Southampton). What's the general view of them?
On a wider note, what's the general view of OTC's as a whole? Do you really get to soldier and lead in exercises, or is it more about having a laugh and doing a bit of adventurous training? I want to gain valuable army experience during my uni years, so would joining a local TA unit be better for that?
Thanks in advance

Southampton UOTC tends to be disliked by all the other OTCs I’ve come across (I can count them on one hand), although I have no idea why… think it might have something to do with the Engineer Games. No idea what they’re like though, never met one.

However, OTCs in general are what you make of them. You can turn up to the bare minimum weekends and then jet off to the 4 corners of the earth in the space of 2 months on various expeditions. Or you can get stuck in on the green side of it and go running around Sennybridge, with a grin and a pilfered M249 leading a section of steely eyed poetry undergrads on a platoon attack.

With regards to TA vs OTC: OTC without a doubt, it gives you much more scope to explore the military as a whole. For instance I did a 2 week course with the Signals then trotted off up north and did a week with a field hospital. You’d never get those chances in a TA infantry unit (as far as I know) as they are far more interested in training you as apposed to funding a drink filled jolly to the Corps.
Red7 said:
Southampton UOTC tends to be disliked by all the other OTCs I’ve come across (I can count them on one hand), although I have no idea why… think it might have something to do with the Engineer Games. No idea what they’re like though, never met one.
its cos theyre cnuts :D for example, Silly Salute, at Lightning Strike 06
Hi Fireman,

See my post on the new Southampton OTC thread on here for info about recruiting this year.

You will always get people slagging off other units on here - just have a look round at some other posts to see that.

By all means look at joining a local TA unit - the PWRR have a coy in Portsmouth but as the previous poster has said you will get a much wider exposure to the army in the OTC than in an local TA unint, and it is run to fit in with student life. You will also get much more of a social life and far more opportunities for sports and adventure training.

If you are planning on joining the army then you are going to do all the training for real so enjoy yourself at university.

Last year SUOTC ran an exped to Greenland and one to Gambia is planned this year.

If you are hooked on the green stuff you will be able to join the Cambrian patrol team and have plenty of serious infanty training. Several members of the team completed the TA platoon commanders battle course last year.

Yo will have a serious chance to gain a TA commision in your third year. All OTCs are now actively pushing this.

Most third year students at least end up with a section commanders job (the best will end up as recruit platoon commanders looking after 35 new recruits or platoon sgts assisting them) running training for the first and second years. It isnt the real army but it does give you a real chance to practice running a section, and learning from the pretty experienced staff.

Best advice is come along on the open evening in October and see what you think. Have a look at the web site.

PM me for more info if you want.
The main bad point about joining SUOTC over D coy for a Pompey lad is the travel time. You will end up losing half of your day but it's a sacrifice many of the guys and girls are willing to make, I just couldn't be arrsed :D

Any questions then feel free to ask. There are others on here from both units who may, or may not expose themselves to give you opinions/reviews/experiences ;)
From someone who joined SUOTC with very little Army knowledge I feel I have learn't a lot during my time there. It may be true that I would have learn't more had I of joined a TA unit, but that wasn't something i'd be willing to sacrifice the social life for.

As armyair221 mentioned, in your third year you may get the opportunity to command a section or even a platoon (I can imagine this is exceptionally fun during the FTX). Something you must certainly wouldn't get to do within a TA unit. So if that is the sort of experience you are after then you wouldn't be hitting your head against the wall by joining. As mentioned also, if you're really keen then the Cambrian Patrol is a must. This would also give you the opportunity to learn military skills you wouldn't normally get a chance to.

japseyewarrior mentioned about travelling. Yes, this can be quite tedious but so long as you're committed you shouldn't find it much of a problem. It can however be a pain in the ass if there is a social on and you have lectures the next morning. Many people don't have lectures on a Wednesday so this isn't a problem - especially considering there is always someone offering a sofa in Southampton.

I must say, the adventure training opportunities have been absolutely fantastic and second to none. I would go as far to say it would be worth joining just for that.

If you have any more questions feel free to fire them away.
the problem is when someone offers you a sofa then they get a bit frisky during the middle of the night. its not really fair when you are straight and it gets forced uppon you.

EDIT: That was typed while I, the true owner of this account, was away from the keyboard. The person who wrote the above is in fact an OTC drop out haha!
Fireman - my info is probably a bit rusty, but bare with me.

I was in 2 OTC's (84-90) -CUOTC & ULOTC -quantum differences between them, but both had their own attributes, I then went on to the Regs.

The major point is that OTC's are geared to recruiting Grads & so the benefits will always be in their favour. It may not be as warry for the 1st
year or 2 but the scope to see all sides of the army (as opposed to your TA choice) is huge. After that there is always the chance of secondment.

There are Fam visits specifically aimed at OTC's which will give you the chance to experience all arms & regts. Also remember that if you do enter the
TA as an Ocdt & pass DAB+ the Factory, and then join the Regs later there is no guarantee that you will get a Commission in the Regular counterpart
of the TA Regt that you joined.

The OTC is fantastic fun & designed for people like you ( its also one of the few clubs as a student that you get paid for!!)
Make use of it & good luck.

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