Pompey - City of Culture?

Joe Spanners, I loved it, every Thursday night wankerd. The tree in the middle, the absolute rubbish bogs and the dogs that went. For that alone it should get City of Culture, Christ Liverpool and Glasgow have had the award why not Pompey, those lovable Cockney wanabees.
The very same.

Sticky Joes, a place where if you couldn't pull, you must be dead.
Having said that, probably the nastiest scrubbers on Gods Earth inhabited it's hallowed halls,
Even the Portsmouth Brutes wouldn't breed with you, you rancid cat's cock. Why don't you do the site a favour and save us from your constant opinion by removing your fingers with a circular saw; ideally whilst playing with your toilet parts?
I've had an interesting Pompey mycotic culture incubating around my bell end for twenty years now, I'ts been christened "Candida Unionstreetii."
Ah but you see Londonderry is the EUROPEAN City of culture - and I'm assuming there's a difference? I suppose it's a bit like comparing the Eurovision Song Contest to Jools Holland (now there's a thought). The bampots in Brussels probably think Gobnascale, Ballymagroatrty and the Creggan are cute - and what's a mortar or 4 between friends eh?

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