Pompey and their Court Hearing

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by box-of-frogs, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. Big day for Pompey in the courts today. I'm split over what I'd like to happen. IMHO, they need some sort of punishment for what appears to be blatant tax fiddling and living way beyong their means. On the flip side, I've no wish to see another club be liquidated.

  2. Like you I would hate to see pompey go to the wall but equally as you say its unfair that a team can get away with spending as wildly as they have while others have been prudent in managing their financial affairs. The other thing I don't like regarding this is that most of the board that were involved have walked away leaving the fans and club employees to suffer the consequences, that's so not fair.
  3. Kissball teams have been living waaay beyond their means now for quite a few years, it is inevitable a few will go tits up. The problem is the players demanding ever increasing wages and the fact that fans cannot continue to afford the continual hike in ticket prices means that the whole sorry state will collapse into a debt ridden heap.
  4. Be a shame to see them go to the wall, but at the same time they essentially cheated their way to winning the FA Cup by paying way beyond their means.

    What English football really needs is a massive re-org before it's too late. Sadly I think it would take one of the true giants (ie Liverpool or Man United) to go under before anyone in power really sits up and takes notice.
  5. ''Football Finance'' is an oxymoron.The Premier League make up the ''rules'' as they go along.I,for one,look forward to HMRC challenging these ''rules''