Pompadours - If you were one you will know.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Beenaround, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. 16th, 44th and 56th of Foot, Essex, Beds and Herts.

    Is there anyone out there?

    K**i W****n, Black B** D*****g, B*b P****r, GD et al.

    C Coy OC's driver 1974 Mr Rabbit, whenever anyone wanted to make him a L/Cpl he got pissed and locked up and remained a Pte for his 22. Reputedly seen in Leicester repairing roads a few years ago.

    Stan the Man best RSM in the world and RSM of the best Bn in the world, even allowing for a little favouritism and fervor and therefore chopped along with most of the other 3rd Bns.

    According to Jilly Cooper it was the least fashionable Bn of the least fashionable Regt in the Army. Therefore nothing to prove to anyone and some of the best parties ever!

    All the Fours!!
  2. I was a Viking, but I do know K**i. He was an SPSI in the 7th Bn late 80's early 90's. I understand he is back in NZ now. If you get in contact with him, i know somebody who would like to get in touch. BTW do you know a guy called Wayne Ok*****, he was our plt sgt at Shornecliffe in 87, I think he joined around '77.
  3. All the fours....................up the red rooster.........your pissed arhhhh

  4. Did he have a large nose?
  5. Yes, and big hands! His top saying was "Listen in you people". I did see him in Colchester when both Bns were posted there, but did not have chance to spreak to him.