Pomp and Ceremony

Just watching the arrival of President Zarkosy at Windsor, and cannot help but notice that we - the members of the British Armed Forces - are outstanding at ceremonial duties.

The cavalry, artillery, etc all looked good.

It made my chest swell (and possibly my loins stir) with pride.

For all the shite and bollox that this job can thro at us it is seeing things like that which make me proud I joined. :D

Any thoughts?
joey_deacons_lad said:
Its all done to show johnny foreigner that his own army is a shower of sh1te and he would do well to remember his place when dealing with her majesty
Absolutely, and no grabbing her arrse!!!
Bordon 1968, remember an Irish drill Sgt gently explain that Drill was just Morris Dancing for Hard Barstuards,
When ever I get Pi55ed off I put on a cd of the Scots Guards pipes and drums, works like Guinness.


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Johnny Frog does quite a line in jingly-jangly cavalry stuff but (as he would say, c'est normal) uses the Foreign Legion to do any actual fighting.

Hope HM had the Sun on her breakfast tray this morning!


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Sarkozi has pulled a flanker with that model!! I'd love to give her some French!
seaweed said:
Johnny Frog does quite a line in jingly-jangly cavalry stuff but (as he would say, c'est normal) uses the Foreign Legion to do any actual fighting.
The Garde Republicaine's are part of the Gendarmerie, not the Army, and their principal function is ceremonial duties; unlike the Piccadilly Cowboys they don't have a combat role.

According to the Wikipedia article on the GR, their infantry regt includes
'Pomegranates of the Emperor', whilst the cav do something called 'the resumption of the twelve'.

I wonder if HMQ pointed out the various French flags along the route: "That one's from Waterloo - that one over there came from Trafalgar..."
Listening to Zarkosy on TV at the moment.

If he is typical of your average cheese-eating surrender monkey then my negative view of the French has been changed.

The way this guy is thanking and respecting the British in general, and the military in particular has challenged my attitude.

Perhaps Broon should take some hints from this guy when it comes to dealing with UK armed forces.

He's still smells of garlic though!!
Note that unlike Blairs' wide mouthed Frog, the fragrant Mdm Sarthingy had the good manners to courtsey to HM.

Wonder what Phil talked about in the carriage with her.
She went to finishing school in Switzerland (yes, yes, I'd love to finish her too, phwooar, etc.) and speaks fluent English anyway. Good on her, well brought up girl....they're always the dirtiest.
I wonder if old Phil the Greek started scmoozing Frog 1s Mrs for some naked piccys
Wasn't there a song, could have been written for the Household Division?

Nobody does it better.

Ya not wrong, it's a hair on the back of the neck and a loin stirrer.
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