Pommy food in woolworths

Discussion in 'Australia' started by nik_kershaw, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. I have noticed that in some woolworths you can now buy food from back home like PG Tips and Club bars etc. There is a section called international food which it is in. I know of 2 stores in Canberra that do it, anyone else found it in their local woolies?

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  2. I thought they'd all closed in the UK?
  3. Schaden

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    Probably a branch of the South African Woolworths which is a bit like Waitrose but imports a lot of stuff from the UK.
  4. Oh dear, look at the thread you are in and also notice I put Canberra in my previous post. Now think again before you post

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  5. Schaden

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    Do they do Curried Fish?
  6. You also asked if we'd seen it in a local woolies, so yes I had seen where it was posted which is why I pointed out I don't have one.
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  7. And this is why I posted it under the Australia tab, so if your local woolies is closed, how have you seen these items in there?

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  8. Stop arguing with an old man in a stripy jumper......
  9. A club bar counts as "international food"?

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  10. In SA they are Marks & Spencers (I assume it's the same in Australia). They sell all the usual M&S hardware and books, but branded as Woolworths.

    The story I was told when I lived in SA was that M&S wanted the SA market in the '80s, but did not want to be associated with apartheid.... So they changed their name to Woolworths in countries in the southern hemisphere.
  11. Woolies are different here jarrod they are the third largest supermarket chain in aus, they are purely food and household stuff orientated where Big W which is also woolworths sells anything from jockstraps to lawnmowers, and to reply to the original thread yes our woolies in Toowoomba has a british comprehensive selection , including fresh steak and kidney puddins and melton mobury style pork pies
  12. Tinned haggis, Hula hoops, Sharwoods mango chutney, Mulagatawney soup, Double deckers, irn bru, penguin bars, Birds Custard, mushy peas, processed peas, tinned meat balls. That's all in NZ stores, not in NZ's west Island where you are. :)

    Still no brains faggots or tinned burgers in onion gravy :(
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  13. There's a few IGAs in Canberra where I get my supply of marmite from, Melba & O'Connor are a couple of places.
  14. In an ASDA close to my old office Bewley's tea, Taytos crisps, red lemonade, Erin sauce & the like was stocked in the "Ethnic" aisle...

    Couldn't resist adding this:

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  15. Chocolate digestives call out to me when I pass their shelf in our local Woolies.

    Someone mentioned faggots earlier, never seen them in Oz yet, I would imagine the list of contents might put any potential buyer off.

    Every time I am back in Cardiff I go to the market and have a plate of faggots and peas in the cafe upstairs. Nothing like a bowl of hot lips and arses covered in mushy peas.