POM wins CGC

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by muhandis89, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. I note that one of the POM NCOs has been awarded the CGC for gallantry in Afghanistan.Brill L/Cpl Campbell.

    I recall as a young soldier,a similar event in Aden,when a POM raised his dozer blade during an ambush,saving several sappers' lives.

    One of my POMs became a full Colonel!!

    Then,of course,there was the POM who came top of a sniper course,a while ago.We need to stop giving POMs a hard time-and appreciate them more???!!!
  2. Whaaaaaat!! POMs are on this planet to be ridiculed and laughed at. They are the butt of all jokes (especially when you're a Fitter).
  3. Well done that Man

    Bet he still had to answer to the MPF when he returned..
  4. so that the ginsters delivery van could make its delivery to the mud-muppets. :D :wink: :D :wink:

    my bold. the 1st ever mud-muppet to be careful :?: :roll: :?: :roll:

    well done pal.
  5. Three POM's got awards on the list, one a CGC, one MiD and one QCB.

    I need to get on tour again :D
  6. We need to stop giving POMs a hard time-and appreciate them more???!!!

    Let me think................NA!

    Its much more fun to ridicule them for what they are! Even if they do impress once in a while. There is always one who defies the mud muppet code and goes and does something useful! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Well done anyway!
  7. just realised I went through training with the lad who won the CGC and have to say well done mate,hes a credit to the corps.

    Not bad for a lad from Uist!

    Hope hes getting crated for his picture being on the web though!!
  8. He was a Cadet when I knew him and head and shoulders above everyone else.

    Still couldn't understand a word he said though:0

    But a POM? A POM, sorry with CoJ on this one, for every good POM there are a million mud muppets-yep just jealous I could never get to play in a 'digger' instead of having to fix them.

    Bet that's Cpl C CGC by the end of the year:) Bet his troopy can't say that in the bar!
  9. A superb and valiant effort indeed.

    One has to wonder why we haven't got armoured bridge layers and CETs for this sort of work though. I suppose that would cost money that Gordon could spend on foreigners...
  10. Good man and well done.
  11. I seem to remember there was a mud muppet that won a MM in GW1 for "capturing" a load of Iraqis (300 rings a bell) with a murhill LWT and an SMG. apparently he got lost, fell asleep and was woken by a herd of iraqis who wanted to surrender.
  12. That very man is at Hameln at the moment and posted to sunny Hohne in the near future. :D

    At least, to his credit, he doesn't try to lie about it. He admits he was one lucky fooker :)
  13. Was he offered to exchange his MM for an MC?
  14. Great! In the best traditions.... I love it.
  15. Very solid your lads form Uist...its all that Wee Free Church Calvinism, Atlantic winters and whisky that does it...Well done!