POM Course - Chatham

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Scotchbrite, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Off to Chatham tomorrow to start my POM Course on Monday, Anybody on course now or finished it that can offer any advice to the course?

  2. stay away from "the pies" :wink: :D :wink: :D
  3. Eat pies!!
  4. Some really useful advice there for the young bloke.

    Aside from all the usual ‘keep your nose clean’ stuff, the current SMI (SSM) WILL kick you of the course if you get a Student Progress Report (SPR) twice or get done for drink driving etc. He has even got a student kicked out of the army.
    Apart from that he is a nice bloke.
    Head down learn and don’t get arrested/go AWOL.
    Any more constructive advice just ask.
  5. Be real nice to the fitters.
  6. Ha why is that, so they will make you a brew whilst ALC fix your machine.

    Please read with a smile.
  7. Dont start fcuking moaning when you are tired on the extraction, dont pretend to faint or go dizzy either or you will get thecked in the back of the head.
  8. For the purpose of the tape I distance my self from that last comment.
  9. Did any one mention the pies? :D
  10. Yea said that one Holdfast :p

    Cheers for advice lads

    Ive heard some fun stuff goes on through the final ex, can't be worse than at Gib though.
  11. When you get on Excavators phase make sure you get your mate to sit in the bucket and spin it around as fast as you can with top revs and no stabilisers down. M8 the instructors will think you are a right card. They might make you up on the spot. Also another top tip is to put the backhoe as far down as possible lifting the back wheels in the air. Do the same to the front bucket so the front wheels are in the air. Put the machine in to 4th gear. Put the machine on full revs and then climb on top of the cab doing star jumps shouting look at me, look at me SMI. He will laugh his head off.
  12. It is a POM course, what is the worry....... even the Infantry do plant!
  13. Don't worry scotchbrite, I've just let your future PTI know about this and he's keen to ask you just how bad Gib was for you... :eek:
  14. Born to dig you are getting soft in your old age.

    Knocker you must have been abused by a POM in your younger days.