Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Krieg-Hammer, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Anyone had them? Been diagnosed with them up mu nose as I have a blocked/runny nose for almost a year. The Doc prescribed me with stuff but I reckon the best fix is to throw a L1A1 Grenade up there to sort it all out....
  2. Snort tabasco and iron filings then stand in front of an old Rapier radar on full power. Should shift em.
  3. A female friend has just had an operation to sort hers out. She was lucky that no rhinoplasty was needed, and she was out of hospital the next day. I've not seen her since she had the op, so I've not got the full low down.

    This is the 2nd time that she's had the op in her life, so it looks like they can come back.
  4. Beconase aqueous nasal spray? When I was a snotty wee boy, I had to take that crap for my polyp and it didn't work for me, so they stuck a hot piece of metal up my nostril and left me with a very poor sense of smell from that side. I then got a polyp up the other nostril.
    It's still there and has caused me no harm except for getting me bollocked for breathing through my mouth most of the time.
    Just before Christmas I got a chest infection that wouldn't budge and had a check up, the doc picked up on the polyp then prescribed me with Beconase. Still makes me sneeze and does nothing to shift the slimey slug stuck up there! They say it can take a while for the med to work but I gave up on it second time round again.
    My old man found he had polyps quite late on, he got his removed but they came back.
    Seems to be a lottery with them. My one that was removed never came back but I can't smell too well ( a mixed blessing ) then got one on the other side. My old boy went through the op and they both came back.
    Does it run in families? We both found dust would flare it up.
  5. My ex had them and one day blew her nose and one of em came out,she had been having bad headaches for ages and they were the cause !
  6. I reckom you could be genetically predisposed to them, as I've had 2 removed from my colon (nice!), and also had a nasal one that I was unaware of till an op.

    I broke my nose with a golf club as a teenager, which bent the nasal passage and narrowed it. Every time I got a cold after that I would get horrendous sinusitis that antibiotics struggled with, blurred vision, copious amounts of green/yellow/brown/orange snot. Nightmare. A real bird puller as a teenager.

    After 3 horrendous winters I had an op to drill the nasal passage out, and by sheer coincidence they removed a mahoosive polyp too. Have erratic sense of smell now (can't smell petrol and some really stinky solvents), and cement/plaster dust really antagonises it.
    How does beconase work?
    What does a polyp look like?

  7. [​IMG]
  8. I had the op a few years ago kept getting head aches and pain aroud the nose are, it free,d up my nose holes and the cavities above the nose, the headaches went but now my nose is almost perminently cold.

    The op can be minor but if they do the full op you look like youve done ten rounds after it and it hurts like hell. and as previously stated they can come back.
  9. You may be on to something with the broken nose thing. I had mine broken the first time a six then again at nineteen. My dad had his broken too.
    I think Beconase is a steroid. It makes the polyp shrink, I'm sure I was told you had to keep taking it though as the polyp would grow back without the steroid to shrink it. I didn't ask the doc to explain further, I could hardly understand what he said to me. Medical speak me no understand.
  10. It's a fairly common problem and some people don't know they have them and think that they seem to have a permanent cold, until they get worse. Yeah, they come back and sometimes they're not totally removed, but the op is only about a 20min job and you're usually out the same day. I've had two ops and will need another, no big deal. You've probably been given a steroid spray to keep them at bay for longer. Usually means that you'll get or have perennial rhinitis also. Perhaps you are an asthma or hay fever sufferer? they go hand in hand very often. It's a miserable condition so book the op ASAP is my advice, it'll give you relief for quite a long time before or even if they reoccur.
  11. S-Mise was your dad's nose broken before the polyp came?

    Edited for lack of lyrical talent: Someone else broke my nose with their golf club after a heated exchange of words.

    can'tbearrsed is your nose cold to the touch, or has the feeling of being cold? Compromised blood supply?
  12. Yes long before, He broke his nose a few times. Then he took up rugby very late in his mid forties. He then broke it some more! It seemed to never heal to be honest. Neither of us had Hayfever or Asthma.
    My nose is never cold unlike my ears. I notice that being outdoors is fine but being indoors can cause it to flare up. House dust?
    To be honest for years and years I never gave it a second thought.
  13. Beconase is not much good. A Consultant ear nose and throat specialist will prescribe Budesonide in the name of Rhinocort Aqua, a much much more effective steroid spray. Trust me on this one.
  14. [hr]

    its cold to touch and feels cold even in a heated room, i think the op dammadged a nerve or something , i was in for a week after it.
  15. Did you see how much packing they pull out? about20ft 8O :) unless you have the dissolving sort stuffed up your hooter. No wonder your nose looks like a gorilla's until it's out and settled down. :eek: