Polymorphous Perversity

Okay.. I've been on this site enough to figure out that most of you are fixated with boobs and bums and a few, like Veg are fixated [ can't say I blame him ] on such attributes as Angelina's lips...but I wondered, as I peered into my beer, what else tickles your fancy?

Polymorphous Perversity or Total Body Sex: The capacity to derive sexual pleasure from any part of the body...c'mon let's here it from you foot fetishists, armpit lickers, kneecap huggers, etc... what ' other ' parts of the body turn your crank?

Surely there's some certain portion of anatomy that intrigues ...

and I don't want to hear about MDN's and Flashy's predelictions for Dasypygalism [ the desire for hairy buttocks ]

so let er rip about your escapades with the Valgus, Jumentous, Saprostomous, Anisognathous or just plain Spodogenous types...

Send Key Setting...

Valgus: bow legged or knock kneed
Jumentous: having a strong animal smell
Saprostomous: having Bad breath
Anistognathous: Having upper and lower teeth that don't match
Spodogenous: pertaining to or due to the presence of ' waste ' matter...

what?? You a bunch of liripoops and twiddlepoops that need to be cornobbled before you'll reveal secrets of the fantasy boudoir??
For shame, the paucity of education that sees internet users not able to consult Samuel Johnson's catalogue of the English Language...

definitely someone needs to be cornobbled [ i.e. hit upside the head with a fish ]...
Rocketeer mate, whatever it is you're drinking - I'll have two pints as well please!!
Don't listen to them Rock, I'm with you mate.

After the buns and the baps, my favorite bit of a lady is the neck, especially the back of the neck, all soft and secretive and sweet smelling....

Damn, back in ten minutes...
i'm with awol on that, hair carelessly brushed back ooooooooooer missus
I like the neck also.

The neck of the Womb that is. Right up inside the snatch.
Well - I didn't want to interject but I am impressed :D

The neck is an all-time-favourite-no-suggestion-barred green light for me. I have consume alki to the point where the body was capable of p1ssing it out neat and still kept one admirer at fists' length- literally. One lively Wetherspoons later, a furtive slurp on my neck and good night had my all! Of course - crafty's suggestion is a very close second but the first is more 'accessible'.

I may be the only one to say this but I have a thing for pubic hair - BJs without it feel odd, like somethings missing, no cushion perhaps.

Coats on :D
only fair, since I started this, to say what sends shivers down my - er - spine, is long hair...the delicate touch and soft slide across exposed skin, the cascading effect as the head turns.. the feather-like movements across the... hold on... back in a bit....

um. always a sucker for those shampoo/conditioner commercials where the model shakes her head in slow motion and the hair flows like waves... er... excuse me, again....

um... ah.... he,he... [ ziiiiip ]

where was I?

oh, yes. long hair...
ohhhhhh !!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! don't stop almost there....sh*te............tell me more
i like eyes! There is something very horny about looking into a blokes eyes as he shoots his muck :)

edited to say "sorry i forgot you were talking about girls"
dizzy_blonde said:
i like eyes! There is something very horny about looking into a blokes eyes as he shoots his muck :)

edited to say "sorry i forgot you were talking about girls"
In that case, I would love to make you horny by allowing you to look into my eyes while performing 'the deed'.
The curve of a calf muscle, while the foot is pointed.
The hollow of the neck behind the ear.
A little pointy uppy nose.
The inverted rigde in the small of the back
the clavicle
the cervix