Polygamy: More natural than unnatural?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Never! God forbids it and I can prove it. Abraham and David are roasting in hell even as we speak.

  2. Yes but only if between consenting adults

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  1. As far as I know, the Bible does'nt prohibit it. On the contrary some of the greatest people in the Book regularly practiced it.

    The way I see it, if you can support your spawn, you should be allowed to have more than one marital partner. So long as you don't hitch your wagon to some underage girl and so long as it is between consenting adults, it should be legalized and accepted.

    If anything, polygamy as a societal norm is more viable than homosexuality,which by the way, seems to have wider acceptance.

    I say, let them marry more than one those who want to.

    BTW, where did the law banning polygamy in most western countries come from anyway?

    Your thoughts please and cheers!
  2. you've got enough crap goin' on in your life with one woman...... :wink:
  3. Hence why I want polygamy to be legal.

    See, I got married to get away from many women. Now, I want many women so I can get away from one.
  4. You're presuming that Wives Numbers 2 and onwards will be on your side in the event of any spat with Wife No.1.
  5. You said they'd all died. You... you can't possibly mean that the other thread wasn't true???

    Ref why it died out: I imagine 2 reasons - a) economically unsustainable in a culture where women didn't work for a wage and b) frustrated blokes because there weren't enough women to go around.
  6. If I remember correctly, aren't swans one of the few species to stay faithful to one mate, for life? I doubt they believe in deities.

    I think humans must be the only species that actively tries to hide the fact that they cheat on their 'life partners'! I know of no animal that does it.

    But the question of whether polygamy should be acceptable brings forth another... that of, 'Is it possible to love more than one person at the same time?'

    A mother or father can love more than one child at the same time. That love is of an equal proportion divided between the offspring.

    Therefore, surely it is possible for a man or woman to love another 'mate' on a similar footing and at the same time?

    I would have voted 'yes' but didn't. It's not clear as to whether you are also suggesting that women can be married to more than one man.

    Polygamy is a term used for describing a man with more than one wife, but is sometimes used when meaning to refer to Polyandry - when a woman has more than one husband!

    Have I widened the debate, I wonder?!!
  7. glancing through my (english translation) koran the other day, i see that it's perfectly ok for a moslem to marry a single or widowed member of the faith, and also any male or female slave they own. comments, please, from RAChD imam?
  8. Another word to describe those who can't keep to one, but whose other half isn't bothered as they also can't.

    Confused? Me too.
  9. FFS who needs more than one husband? .. double the ironing, double the cooking , double the sex!!! Hold on a minute did i say double the sex .... well I could see having two husbands as a bit of an advantage, if one isn't able to perform the other might be!!!
  10. Wouldn't that be 'mutual philandering'?

  11. With more than one husband, you'd have more than one income (hopefully) coming in.

    GET A CLEANER! And then enjoy!
  12. Didn't think of that!!! Twas a bit early morning for me when I posted thee above ... at that rate i wouldn't mind 5 or 6, one for everyday of the week except Sunday .... Like to keep Sunday to myself spend all that house keeping on clothes ! How would I know which one to take to bed though and on what day ... eany meany miney mo!
  13. You need to read you bible a bit more, especially those websites where they have bits in BOLD CAPITALS . They will let you know why the practice of polgamy isn't allowed, or even is allowed depending on which site you visit :)

    Anyway the idea is a bad one, can you imagine what having 6 wives all on the rag at the same time would be like? There would be murder and sucicides all over the place..
  14. Which one? Which order?

    Let me help you a little...

    1) Names in a hat... and get a nice surprise every time.
    Although the possibility of drawing the same name on consecutive nights could impact on stamina levels for said hubby.

    2) Start a League table... somewhat like the Football Premiership.
    Any loss of stamina (ties nicely in with the above), performance, scoring ability or 'signing on with another club' (!) will impact on said hubby's stance within the League. Always make sure you strictly adhere to the 'relegation zone' principles and have an end of season 'play off' between the bottom three.

    3) Alpha order only... keeps things nice and tidy, then.
    You'll know what's coming on every day of the week and will probably look forward to certain days!

    There... that's three ways of handling the problem.

    Here to help!
  15. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I've always gone along with the belief that I should have more than one wife, and I have had several. Not mine, admittedly.