Poltical Correctness

Discussion in 'Officers' started by One_For_The_Ditch, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. True story I'm told - fairly hot off the press:

    Academy RSM asking assembled Officer Cadets (male and female)

    "What's the difference between women and toast?"

    "Don't know RSM"

    "You can make soldiers out of toast"

    Sounds like a good man and nice to see the great strides towards PC rehabilitation
  2. Last time I heard that one is was "What's the difference between Frenchmen and toast?"
  3. If it is true the man is an idiot to have made such a crass joke so publically - I'd rather he didn't say it at all but in his own home......however probably he can't say it at home since his wife would have given him a good kicking.
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    What's the problem here? People not being able to take a joke?
  5. Sorry. Have examined "joke" at length and find myself unable to identify the bit that is "funny".

    There's a difference between rejecting stupid policitial correctness and simply being an ignorant, tactless dinosaur.

  6. Ha ha ha ... bollox.

    This story falls down in the telling ... as any fule no the Academy Sergeant Major isn't an RSM and he is referred to as Sir by the Officer Cadets... try again later.

    It doesn't sound like his kind of joke.
  7. Best nip down the QMs and sign out a sense of humour!
  8. Sorry sense of humour has been replaced with lecture on PC acceptable jokes.
  9. Was it white or brown bread?
  10. Joke, ignorant comment or simply tactless it matters not. What matters is the ability of people to distinguish between something that is important or something that is entirely unimportant. This falls into the latter category and should be given a stiff ignoring. It's simply not worth making a fuss over and those that do clearly have too much time on their hands (and I probably fall into that category having been sucked into this 'debate').

    Time to lay out some deckchairs.

  11. This story is the height of political incorrectness. Everybody knows you can only make soldiers from bread, not toast.
  12. Similar story from the GUnner YOs course. FOO shooting and something goes tits up at the gun end- straight onto the net "Hello 0 this 31C. Fetch Officer." Girly YO in the Command Post pipes up "0 Officer speaking send over". 31c: "Er no fetch REAL officer"

    Ha ha all the way to the Commandant.
  13. The only lesson is that RMAS anecdotes get handed down across the generations. I've met several who claim the Adjt's horse farting story or the guy in the front rank who gets jailed... Let's not go down the PC line; there's enough of it about to make you want to vomit! In my place, all the Mrs titles have been changed to Ms, and there are plenty of women who object!
  14. Back in the dark days of the WRAC, the joke was:

    "what is the difference between a walrus and a WRAC officer? One is large and blubbery and smells of fish, and the other is a large sea mammal."

    So unPC, funny, but never affected my relationship with my female subordinates - and I have had more than one or two - and some bloody good soldiers/officers too. Their jokes about me were, I am sure, as complimentary.