Polls show the tories are catching labour

A new poll undertaken by Yougov has shown that the conservatives (and liberals to some extent) are gaining ground on the labour party in the run up to the expected general election (may 2005)

Mr Howards policies on cutting wasteful spending and immigration are proving to be popular with the general public.

Don't worry, Mikey Moore will arrive to tell you to vote Labour, just as he arrived in Canada to tell Canadians to vote Liberal.
He's a fat pr1ck!

Did anyone see Fareheit 9/11 last night. Bag of sh1te!
Torygraph! the favorite paper of the Blue rinse brigade and the animated dead.

F 9/11 Good film demonstrating the power of fear generated by a bent government, and just how dumb Bush really is.

must assume that you're taking the p*ss, cause no one on this site could be moronic enough to believe anything the fat cn*t MM says :D
Cheer up Cpl Ripper,

YOUGOV polls are based upon Internet polling rather than by Phoning or Interviewing people face to face; therefore, it tends to not reflect society as a whole.

They are consistently rate the Tories and to a lesser extent the Liberal than the Labour and the others. Just need to take it with a pinch of Salt. :oops: :oops:

Further could ARRSE influence the polls?

If every ARRSE member registered with YOUGOV as being 90 years old, or Black or Asian, we could start influencing opinion polls, which we know Politicians, actually notice! You basically need to profile yourself as part of society that does not have significant access to the Internet. YOUGOV are far more likely to use YOU in their opinion polls, as they need to consider weighting their responses so that they reflect the whole of UK society.

If you are vindictive visit: www.yougov.com

Enjoy :twisted:
Plastic Yank said:

must assume that you're taking the p*ss, cause no one on this site could be moronic enough to believe anything the fat cn*t MM says :D
We all know that MM has is own issues with bush, But if your name was struck from the electoral roll because of a crime you commited years ago, or your name sounds like someone whos commited a crime years ago, Is that "Just And free" (Bush sound bite).
Homeland security of which I've been through, Great Idea! one part time copper for 100 miles of coastline!
Talk about a police state when some old codger gets a visit from the feds for calling bush an "Arssehole" to his mates!!

MM is a fat Cnut, But.......Bush Is a bigger Cnut

you are right! 8O

Bush and his cronnies are most likely a big bunch of skiffed frat boys!

However, how the hell can you take anything that fat pork pie eating pr1ck Micheal Moore says as the truth! Hell he should work for El capitan Blair as his Press officer as he is so good at taking the truth, twisting it, emphasising the good points (for him) and conveniently editing the bad bits!

I used to like him when he did he docu's on bent business in the US (GWB features somewehere in them im sure! 8O ) but since 9/11 he has become a complete twat who uses his films to push his own ultra-liberal agenda! No respect for him now at all!

Need proof that he lies? go see this and check out the film if you want to see both sides of the argument!




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