Polls on Dr Kelly and oil/Afghanistan

Dear All,
I'm an ex infantry full-screw (3WFR) and a photojournalist. I'm putting together some hardhitting stuff endorsed by a range of people from Col Bob Stewart to journo John Pilger (links later) and want to know (because the public value the opinion of ARRSE responders - you're mentioned often in the media and in Martin Bell's books) - if you'll permit me to do two surveys.
The first I propose is this - why the 70 year wait on the circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly? Bumped off or not?
The second - Afghanistan, is it all about Caspian Sea oil (there was a proposed pipeline in the 90s, running alongside the Herat-Kandahar highway (Route One - slap bang where Bastion was placed). I ran this in The Int Cell about 2 months ago and got some interesting results, but not enough responses to go further with the idea. I'd like permission from the mods to take it into a busier forum.
email link: neil24842445@hotmail.co.uk

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