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Polls Good Thing/Bad Thing??

There seem to be more and more polls surfacing on this site.

Now I have absolutely no wish to stifle debate and or restrict users expressing their views either by way of a relevant posting or indeed participating and voting in a poll.

Strikes me that given the media attention this site is generating lately and the proven fact that this is one of the first places the journo's would look if they wanted 'ground floor' reaction to a particular issue then what is to stop them soliciting their own polls and perhaps loading the questions in a particular way?? They could then go to press with an opinion that may not be absolutely reflective of the general views of this community.
In the last few weeks this sites exposure has been significantly raised and we are now seen as the unofficial 'mouthpiece' of Army opinion.

On this basis surely we have an obligation to ensure our views are portrayed accurately.

Perhaps we should limit polls only to users after they have passed a certain posting limit? This could help to ensure it is a bona fida member of the community looking for an opinion as opposed to a journalist? Perhaps there are some other ideas about

Just a thought is it worthy of discussion?
On this basis surely we have an obligation to ensure our views are portrayed accurately.
So if Mr SCUM journo sources a poll on ARRSE where 100 members have voted and of the 100, 78 have voted YES then the SCUM journo will quite happily quote that the vast majority of ARRSE are in agreement and voted accordingly.

Our views in the poll and the poll itself might be accurate but what about his reporting?

Beyond OUR control I think.
geezer466 said:
On this basis surely we have an obligation to ensure our views are portrayed accurately.
The naffing useless lazy copy stealing journo only has too

1 take note of how many people are registered on the site
2 note how many have read the post
3 note how many registered a vote

therefore breaking it down into accurate figures as well as giveing a warning that figure are not certified independantly so it should only be shown as a straw poll.

However most journos are lazy incompetant tw*ts!

note I am realy crap at maths which isnt good for when doing demolition calcs so therefore i make sure i get all the figures right! if any one wants too lay out the maths for my thoughts above to illustarte better what i mean then crack on.

ps my spelling isnt so hot at times nor is my grammar and diction basicaly cos im dysleic :oops:


Book Reviewer
The COs could always make a charge to those who put Polls on the forum.

You could call it a Poll Tax

Why, is that my coat? Thanks awfully!

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