poll tax in the uk

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by trinaandgus, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. I am based in Germany and have property in england county durham. I have been renting this out and it will become vacant from 26th February I know we will get an exemption for 6 months. But then is it right we will have to pay full poll tax, till either we sell or put another tenant in any help gratefully appreciated
  2. The Council will send you a leaflet on request, or will probably have the info you want on-line
  3. have been in touch and they say for 6 months we are exempt them we will pay full poll tax after that dont know if this is right as we were told u only pay 50% after that but i need evidence to put to them
  4. Not all councills offer a 50% unoccupied discount after the 6 month exemption. You may qualify for 10% second home discount however I don't know if that applies if you live outside of the UK and only have the one property there...

    Other possible option is to offer to rent it out to the council for social housing though that has its obvious downsides!

    Sorry I'm not a tax officer but I have just started getting trained on handling council tax enquiries as a Customer Service Advisor for my local council.

    P.S Not entirely positive on this one but as far as I was told on training officially the 6 month exemption can only be applied once over the lifetime of the property.. so in theory if someone used it back in 1993 then it cannot be claimed.
  5. Poll Tax?

    Have you been in Siberia for the last 17 years?
  6. no been in germany for 5 why
  7. I think Poll Tax was binned in the early Nineties, and replaced by an equally weel thought out Council Tax.