POLL --- Should the monarchy now dissolve parliament?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ALVIN, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Would it be in the countrys best interest for the monarcy to now dissolve parliament and to call a genarell election?
  2. Under what precedent might that be allowed to happen?

    The Monarch is not constitutionally permitted arbitrarily to dissolve parliament on a whim.
  3. Common decency and an overwhelming right to fair play

    ...and string the barstewards up as well....
  4. Do you have to try to come out with such poor spelling, when promulgating such stupid ideas?
    Perhaps it is simply natural talent triumphing over education?
  5. No I don’t think the Queen should be dragged into the House of Commons filthy little constitutional games, they have managed to wreck one institution why involve another one. If the question was should the Queen have the thieving scum’s heads stuck on a pole outside the tower then yes but we better order more poles we might need a few more.
  6. Lets just have a military coup while we are at it :roll:
  7. Any millitay coup would only be effective untill 1229 on friday at which point the lads would all unavaliable to rise up against there oppressors untill monday morning.
  8. I very much doubt it will happen
  9. Tut! It's One Army now. The TA can hold the fort over the weekend.

    In fact, when you come back on Monday morning, bring some pink paint because all the world globes will need updating.
  10. The Queen disolving Parliament is a one use nuclear option.
    Therefor I voted no. As much as I would like it to happen it is something best reserved for when somebody (like Mr Brown) tries to cancel elections on some pretext.
  11. Thats perhaps convention 'Tommy' but we are approaching perhaps a constitutional crisis of sorts from the Palace of Westminster's own attitude and behavior.

    Question Time followed by This Week was very enlightening as to both the depth of the malaise and failure to understand the feeling of those the serve amongst the politico's and what is needed to clear the house of the wretched thieves, to satisfy the public.

    Thus IMO an open deck and common support for the monarchy re: dissolution.
  12. Dissolving Parliament is all very well, but did anybody create a Restore Point before Labour came into power?
  13. I doubt it there still on spectrum basic i believe
  14. Yes she should, if the alternative is a military coup.
  15. Stil think that of the many who have entered the houses of Westminster, Mr G Fawkes had the best idea