Poll --- should M.Ps be charged with theft?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, May 11, 2009.

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  1. The question is --- Should the M.Ps who abused the expences system be charged with "Theft from the public purse"?
  2. Teft? Are you Oirish?
  3. unlikely to happen though
  4. No,

    Obtaining property by deception will do.
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    They should be charged with something nasty and imprisonable.

    Gorbals Mick should be the first one in front of the beak.
  6. Any chance of going for the strapping to a large cannon?

    Then firing the same?

    If it worked in India, it would be a big seller here. We could sell tickets for a training area near you.
  7. I have this lovely vision in my head: CO19 rushing in to arrest Broon while I stand behind them shouting:

    "Look out boys - he's got a GUN!!!" :twisted:
  8. well considering that anyone else has to pay the money back whether it's the Taxman, Social security, or whatever,so it stands to reason they should be wanting to pay it back or have their assets seized, I'm easy, why should they be treated differently from any other Criminal,? if any of us was guilty of anything remotely like this we'd be charged by now and up in court so fcuk em, they deserve all they get the thieving bstrds. Also, I detest Gorbals Mick !!!!!
  9. His wallet is far more dangerous - fully loaded, along with the rest of the, 'Hole in the Wall Gang'.
  10. Well using the same principle as they promise to apply to benefits cheats then yes, something should be done.

    It is sheer hypocrisy as it stands currently.
  11. By destroying the public's trust in their ability to represent them, they are destroying the very fabric of the country. I think they should be charged with treason.
  12. HELP!! I cant change the word teft to theft in the poll question, sorry for the funk up!!
  13. Oh, feck it, lets just hang them all Now.
  14. Totally agree LPJ. It is absurd that MP's can repay the double billing & things that are questioned. If one of my guys submitted a false motor mileage claim for bogus leave travel on JPA to his Grandmonther in Dorset it would be fraud and and he woud be busted. He would not have a quiet chat and offered to re-imburse the public purse. It's a joke that we have a tightening of expenses policy and are expected to use service messes and public transport if in England / London on duty.

    Why don't we build a cheap Bed Factory a la Gateway House @ Brize near to Westminster. Have a Restaurant & a cash bar and single man rooms with Wi-Fi & a ComCen. If you work out of Belfast or Newcastle or Devon and need to nightstop in London then use the Westminster Bed Factory. No rental or 2nd homes. Would like to see Sinn Fein in the same accomodation as the rest of the MPs.

    It would be a welcome construction project and a boost to the building industry. We could afford to go for a new build or simply purchase a large hotel. Under the FOI act all folk would have their useage of the facility published.

    Bit of a no brainer thinks me.

    MPs have a family home & an Office in their patch. Put them up in Service Style Accomodation & lets reduce costs.