Poll shaven haven or jungle bush you choose

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by compoman, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. I like a little bit of bush not too much something like a brazilian.

    Whats your choice
  2. Shaven's nice to look at, but they are both nice to poke!

  3. A woman.
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  4. Shaven, every time. Nothing worse than getting a curly stuck in between your teeth, it's a dead giveaway...
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  5. I used to like a shaven haven. Now I like adult women.
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  6. Please don't eat whilst reading this but with them 70s wild looking fuckers that are thankfully rare these days it was always nasty to see it matted and have flecky white bits stuck in it . cottage cheese anyone ?

    Bald is always best, Cue outrage from some older members reminding us that it looks like a childs fanny, in that case , bonus :)
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  7. The hairyer the better. Shaven is the preserve of peadophiles and other assorted wierdos.

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  8. Christ, not you again!!

    My choice would be to correct the spelling errors in your sig block which assault my sensibilities every time I see them.

    Why don't you go back to fumbling with your tiny penis whilst playing Chris Ryan's Sniper School in your mum's spare room, and do us all a favour.
  9. By definition, anyone posting on here is a peado or wierdo, which type are you?
  10. if she wont shave her clunge or arris then there is always 'Biffens Bridge' smooth as a snooker ball.
  11. This is the sort of thing BBC presenters should be asking our women athletes in interviews. Trimmed, I asked my missus to do that Brazilian thing but by the end it looked like she'd decided to include the whole of south america ,Argentina naturally being around the hoop area
  12. Still on the 8 years olds then ?
  13. You obviously want me as you keep replying to my posts!
  14. [video=youtube_share;jvElQlGgPcs]http://youtu.be/jvElQlGgPcs[/video]

    I miss the 70's + 80's
  15. Someone should give you six months...a magistrate...or as i would prefer an oncologist..journo fuckwit.
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