Poll on the Local Elections

Which way are you voting?

  • Labour

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  • Tory

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  • Liberal

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  • BNP

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  • Total voters
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Just a quick poll of who is voting which way come the local elections. I thought this might be an interesting insight given the sentiment and emotion shown recently about Dearest Tone, the Wide mouthed Frog's hair, Two Shags, Pinocchio Hewitt, The Jealous Chancellor and the Case of the Missing Immigrant Murderers???

Oh, sorry...forgot about Dave and the Ginger Drinker...


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The trouble is that they're all as bad as each other. All the sniping between the different parties is a bit of Pot and Kettle. Sleaze and spin are not confined to Labour - they're all at it.
Ah pants, there is one labour vote and its my mistake, my apologies, a case of RTFQ!

(PS: i'm voting conservative!)
No probs B3N , possibly repost this on the 3/4th?
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