Poll On Arrse User Rank

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by watertight, Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. I am in Phase 1 2 3

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  2. I am in a unit post 1 2 3

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  3. I am a JNCO

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  4. I am a SNCO

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  5. I am a Warrant Officer

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  6. I am a subbie

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  1. Posts have been placed on how senior officers do look and know about this site. What's the audience? Retired or non brits just go for the rank you left with or are now.
  2. until recently ARSSE was simple to use.............
  3. Hum yep hang on
  4. Well that worked. How come subbie was as far as is displayed. I put polls in up to 1 star and above.
  5. why does it matter what rank we are?

    Do our opionions count for less? (ok. I know they do, but am being devil advocate)
  6. uhhuh true
  7. Fair one Gado. There are senior offrs (and higher) here watertight and you sure as hell couldn't discuss things in real-life with them like you can here. enjoy :)
  8. It does not matter what we are or were or how long ARRSE managed to survive before Watertight (you sprog) came along...

    ARRSE has general/flag/air officers posting. It is a narrow mind that thinks posters are all ‘the lads’.

    Fucks me, there are matelots here too.
  9. So why do you need to know watertight? On arrse its completely unimportant, there is no rank on arrse. And you left your poll hanging at subbie? Why?

    Thread of pointlessness methinks

  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Quite agree, Boney.

    Could I find Field Marshall on the poll? Could I buggery!!


    p.s Sledgehammer sarcasm. Sorry.
  11. Being Fieldmarshal you would have a few subbies to provide that buggery for you. Its not on the poll. Subbie providing buggery should be an option

  12. And I'm sure it works in reverse - offrs would never be able to engage in such detailed discussion with their troops in real life. Could you imagine CSM/SSM not interfering in an exchange between OC and Pte?

    As regards how senior - I am aware of 1* visitors, full Col visitors/contributors and my CO asked me for the arrse url during the week - bit of a smokescreen methinks to convince me that he hasn't been on-line with arrse for months. :twisted:

    Col, feel free to pm me if you really have just joined :roll:
  13. I won't be coy. I hold the rank of Lord High Beelzebub of the the Admiralcy Colostimate. :D
  14. That's 'Lance Jack' in Army parlance.

    Me? Well, I'm of sufficient rank to know better, but of an age where I care not a jot.
  15. I am The Lord High Seneschal of Bohemia and Upper Moravia, and have been since 1874.

    It entitles me to half-price tickets to the Saturday matinee at the Croydon Odeon, a yearly tithe of plum vodka from the peasants and the right to march in drag, with bayonet fitted, through the streets of Hammersmith every fourth St. Jude's day.

    I'm not sure what the British Army equivalent rank is, but I'm fcuking important nonetheless. Please, sit down, no need to stand and all that.