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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kitmarlowe, May 7, 2008.

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  1. Just spotted a Poll on armynet that asks :-

    "Do you think it is reasonable to expect soldiers to pay to use a military gymnasium if they want to do individual training?"

    Currently 95% of answerers have answered No.

    Now, I'm struggling to understand which Clever Boy thinks that charging soldiers to use the Gym for personal training is such a wonderfully clever idea, or is MoD so strapped for cash that any excuse will do.......
  2. LOL.... is this a WAH?

    I haven't looked on ArmyNet for a while - (Not much to read there, let's be honest...).
  3. I'd like to know who in their right mind said 'Yes'!!?!!
  4. Well is it such a stupid question?

    What if the gym had a pool, a spa, sauna, excellent CV kit, towels, juice bar, power showers, MTV etc with hot and cold running lycra-clad nymphettes offering full body massages? I for one would be willing to pay a small fee!

    On the other hand if I am being asked to dip into my pocket to be thrashed to within a strand of my jock-strap, shout "Yes Staff" a lot, wade through overflowing urinals to get to a gonad-shrinking cold shower then I think I will pass.


  5. What nutter of a civil servant thought this one up.
  6. What nutter of a civil servant thought this one up.
  7. What a bloody stupid question.

    The money should already be there to provide good kit in a comfortable environment without having to charge people to use it.

    I doubt it would be an earner anyway, most barracks wouldnt have the population base to generate the custom.
  8. The fact that the gym is pretty important for a soldiers fitness and that fitness in itself is important (especially after a night out on the piss) obviously passed by unobserved.
  9. What planet are they on. They will have the lads (and girls) buying their own kit next to go on tour. Doh
  10. RATATATAT got it spot on. This nonsensical idea has all the hall-marks of a 'civil' servant.

    As a follow on, why not charge for the fuel used on operations and on exercises and for each round fired by every soldier? The dreadful Brown would make/save lots of by adopting such a course.
  11. My bold...juice bar? WTF?
  12. up to now 77 People out of 3,873 have said yes :? How very strange :?

    Apparently the poll is for Soldier Magazine. :D

    My Bold: Now that's some job title! :wink:
  13. In the same way that PAYD has put a lot of people off going to the cookhouse, would it be too radical to think that many soldiers' fitness could slide if something like this went ahead?
  14. Oooh......Does that mean in 20 years time soldiers will be suing for career mismanagement because they couldn't get fit enough to pass certain career courses?

    FFS the Army introduced PTI queens and gyms and all those good things in the 19th Century because too many soldiers were unfit to do their job......
    How much longer before solfiers have a deducation form their wages for the clothing they wear?
  15. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Well the clothing deductions would be bringing back early 19th century policy...